Today it begins… One month from now I’ll be heading to Israel.

Good morning,

I start my online blog this am, as the cold blustery morning nips my nose and I get ready to head over to work at a fabulous film festival (Day 2).  It is exactly one month away from departure time to Israel on the LA Way trip with Taglit-Birthright Israel and I feel…

I feel plumb excited, anxious, happy, elated, humbled, and thankful.

There are so many things I have done and experienced in my lifetime that have been life-changing; some that happened by accident (though there are no accidents), and others that have happened when all I could do was hope, have patience and – very much so – pray.  Of course, there are many that have happened because I just chose to show up, and others, much to my dismay, just never panned out, though tried as I could, it just wasn’t meant to be.  Yet, this trip is one that I would like to smilingly categorize underneath the coveted “meant to be” (beshert) headline.

For now, I yawn and get ready for a long day assisting patrons looking forward to catching the film they’ve purchased passes for, and can only imagine the day I’ll be waiting in line with my fellow Birthright travelers to check in at the airport and get on that meant-to-be plane ride to what feels like a trip that my faith and destiny has been nudging me toward since… well, since forever.

I’m looking forward to the good yummy food (hummus and falafel and Israeli salad-aplenty – Oh my!), the people, the music, the floating in Seas, riding camels, and for all the good things that will be put forth on my trip in the light of Experiencing.  Like Shabbas in Jerusalem.  Considering I think of myself of a highly spiritual persona, I can really only think of Shabbat in Jerusalem with one word: WOW.  Oh, and a statement: “I need a long dress.”

Life is such a blessing, and currently, I feel as though all my dreams and my desires are coming to fruition.  My thoughts and asks are being met with speeding yes’s and glowing green lights by the Higher Power inside of me.  Manifesting at an alarming rate is what I’ve always done, but I feel like this year I picked “Manifesting” as my word of 2010 (I begin every year with a word – last year it was “Magical”), and after ridding my soul of some horrible schmutz that was downright stifling (impeding, suffocating…) my essence earlier this year, I’m excited, happy, and ready to partake in everything that is unfolding with open arms, an open heart and an open mind.  With each opportunity to show up and become more of the Me I am supposed to be, I will joyfully – GLEEfully – give of my entire Being in order to take away valuable gems that will ultimately shape the Person inside of me that I see is poised to do a great many things to inspire and help shape the world in a positive way.

To life, to journeys. To experience and always keeping a child-like eye open to the world and its treasures…

I truly feel blessed.

Tera “Nova Jade* Greene

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