Post #4 – Looking forward to Tel Aviv

I hear Tel Aviv is awesomely wonderful, and aside from Shabbat in Jerusalem, I think I’m looking forward to experiencing Tel Aviv the most.

I have some listeners to my podcast that are based in Tel Aviv, and I learned about the great partnership Los Angeles has with Tel Aviv that will allow us to visit there much longer than most of the other BRI (Birthright Israel) trips heading to Israel from other states.  This is so fantastic!  From what I’ve been able to gather, and from recommendations by some friends, I think this will be a place that will really give me a special creative burst, as it is a city with a pulse of youthful vigor and I’m so hungry for that type of energy.

Currently, I am in such a mode of creative sharing and have a deep hankering for expression in the art forms that are characteristic of myself, especially music.  A goal of mine is to dj a party in Tel Aviv one day. I haven’t been there, but I can already feel the rhythm of the city seeping into my psyche.

Could it be that I’m already falling in love?

Quite possibly…




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