Post #5 – A poem

I just got back from an event called Def Jew Poetry Slam 2 in Valley Village.  It inspired me on so many levels; and I met some powerful women whom I was able to sit in a circle with and learn, question and dissect with.  It was quite interesting to note that one of the first persons whom I met when I entered the temple was a woman by the name of Joy.  I also met a woman who kissed the Mezuzah at every turn. And another, who I learned was one of the featured poets of the evening, who also is a DJ. And a Rabbi who deals with Life Cycles, and the unaffiliated Jews, searching… All projections of Me, but in different bodies.

I kiss Mezuzah, I am a poet, a DJ, I am curious about Life Cycles and inspiring and bringing out the wills of others… I don’t have just one Shul to which I belong, though I am passionate about Torah and learning and fulfilling my Soul, while doing the work that I am supposed to do in this Body.  I came away so inspired by all of them. By meeting them in a circle and speaking my mind and sharing my stories… all over a kind nudging of the theme of Poetry.  What a great event I was invited to.  I shan’t also forget the red-head at the table whom was so insightful, and the other woman who respectfully questioned if in the work I do, I ever feel like I’m preaching to the choir.  I retorted with confidence, that me, and the people I know who are out doing Work, are doing the Work amidst push-back at times – but we still do the Work, because it is So.  And, I shan’t forgot the one male at our table, who chimed in here and there; but really, he Listened, and allowed us to go back and forth and share, dissect and probe each other’s minds. Us Women, with Voices and thoughts and different perspectives – Questioning. Respectfully.

In the spirit of the event – and in the spirit of Joy – I’ve decided to write a poem about my thoughts for the day.

My Joy Unfolding

There’s an innate Joy inside of me


She has been in mourning


Stifled in a way by Energy, so

Blocking, so


Joy, my sweet Joy, was no longer Growing.

In love, I am in Love.


Holding onto

the possibility of seeing a re-emergence of that relationship that

was Jolted, it –

Unfolded, it unfolded, so all-of-a-suddenly

And I was left contemplating:

Will my Joy ever stop Mourning?

Like the wine in cups – flowing

I’m devoting my thoughts,

Molding my soft spots

and Emerging the forget-me-nots,

Delicate flowers of my essence,

Screaming with solid Wise, strength

To be

My Joy wants to be Free

Lead me. Exodus. Lead me.

Release Me.

My Joy is Manifestingly Imaging Things That Will Shape Me.

And History.

And my Visibility.

And all the things I still don’t even know that want to Claim Validity.

I am inspired by



Dancing, Singing



And my Joy?

Well, let’s just say that it’s Emerging.

And My Joy is no longer in Mourning.

As I sing, unabashedly asking in SiNg-SonG MelOdiEs…

Hashem, dear sweet friend –

Are all the signs you are Now placing in front of me

tales and gentle reminders

That my Joy, my sweet Sweet Joy,

Is finally Unfolding?



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