# 6 – Ah yes, DANCE!

I’ve danced many a time in deserts, stomping my feet with other desert-going party-goers into the wee hours of utter darkness. But, oh, to dance, to REALLY dance!

I want to jump and stomp my feet, dance in circles until the background becomes a blur, and all I see are the people I’m holding hands with.  I want to sing at the top of my lungs.  I want to feel my lungs expand as I sing while dancing!

I will clap and clap my hands upon my knees.  And shut my eyes and dance and sweat.  I’ll, quite possibly, break a sweat, and I welcome it. Ah yes, DANCE!  A Dance with the Holy Land!

To life!  To being present! To Dance and Stomp and Play and fill the Soul.

I can only imagine what it will feel like.  In the meanwhile, I’ll warm up my soles, hands and lungs here, so that I’m fully ready to get on down when the time comes…   Soon!





… I just realized I’m the first person to blog under category “The Journey to Israel”.  I’m a pioneer!


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