#9 – A sense of place.

I’ve been really busy these days, shuffling hither and thither.  Waking before dawn and heading to rest anywhere from midnight to 2 am.  Though it’s been really tiring, I’m also finding that I’m settling into a sense of place for myself in the scheme of things.  This is not to say that my soul is not one that is of a wandering type; but simply, I am getting a clearer sense of how I fit.  In my sleepiness, I am becoming more alert.  My instincts are heightened, I feel clear.  And the coolest thing is that I also see it as a warm up lap for the non-stop adventure that I will be partaking in come 21 days from now.  I mean, we’re flying nonstop from LA, and then it’s long days.  I’m alert now… I can only imagine just how more sharp I’ll become.


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