#10 – The most sincere feeling of gratitude

In February of 2009, I premiered an original dance-opera piece I co-produced and composed the music for in Florida.  Within the title was the word ‘peace’ and one of my dear friends brought to my attention that ‘peace’ (shalom) means wholeness.  Flash forward to the present, and I am feeling more whole every day; and as I kindly was reminded by one of my tweet friends this morning, I’m “Every day [becoming] 1% better”.  Better at expressing, better at being filled with love and feeling the love back, and better at being in gratitude.  I feel peace. I am whole.

Why I am feeling this way stems directly to the most awesome network of friends and colleagues I have.  I don’t get to see some of them all the time for various reasons – some are moving to different places and careers, some are starting families… others I do get to see, but only when we’re throwing events and performances.  Or, by mere synchronicity  because we’re thinking of each other and  “coincidently” happen to cross paths on the street.   But as I get closer to the trip day, I’m finding more people – friends and acquaintances, alike – coming out to express their happiness and blessings for my upcoming trip, some people I’ve never even known who’d gone or cared about going to a place like the Holy Land, let alone the fact that I would ever think of them as people who would talk to me about it.  It’s so amazing.  The way my lil’ head and soul are processing the appearance of these well-wishers is in the only way I know: Regardless of where all of them reside in their spirituality, the Divine Spirit is working through them to illuminate the fact that this Gift I have received to go on this trip is truly, truly, truly Divinely blessed and granted.  For that, I am sincerely grateful.  For that still, I feel more and more whole.

Shalom and todah rabbah to everyone who reminds me that I am here for a reason.  Even if those people never get around to read this silly journey journal.  My family is not large, but my network of friends is expansive.  I mean it feels like no matter where I go, I average knowing one or two people who I run into.  It blows my mind every time.  I guess I’ve been around, but I’ve still got many blank pages to fill in my tabla rasa – so many people to add to my global outlook.  So many people to leave my stardust near and around. So many people to flash my smile to, to make laugh, to make dance and to make feel alive and inspired.  So many people to inject my energy into that I’ve been given as a Healer.  In the meanwhile, I thank everyone who blesses me, silently and outwardly, especially as I embark on this current journey.  I feel the love and I see the love manifested in nature and in the appearance of another person telling me to let them in on how the trip goes upon my return.  Into the air I release my thoughts of gratitude, to allow the winds to assimilate my  vibrational energy into the universe.

Shalom! Todah Rabbah!  I say a lil’ word for the entire world, plants and animals every night before I rest.





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