#11 – Good morning, Itinerary!

My Itinerary popped up in my email as I popped up into awakeness this morning.  How synchronistic!  Interestingly enough, my bus # is 12 and if I’d not taken off one day for Shabbat, I’d be on #12 posting.  Moving right along and such a flowingly way, indeed!

Though it’s mostly tentative, I’d saying camel-riding looks like it may just happen.  Ohhh, and kayaking! I used to kayak all the time as a young Jr. Lifeguard + Ocean sports participant.  I used to do surf camp, Water camp (which including kayaking excursions), sailing camp, and kid’s ocean triathalons outside of my busy Jr. Lifeguard training. I’m so excited for that!

I’m evermore excited to become the first person to actually swim the Dead Sea. Hey, a girl can have goals, right? Ha!

And olive oil training.  I’ve had my own oil training, if you will, so this will definitely be welcomed.  Shabbas does not appear to be in Jerusalem, but that will be something to attain in 2011.  But truly, I am looking forward to our visit to Yad Vashem.  It’s imperative.  I’ll just leave it at that.

And at the recommendation by a few people here and there, I suppose Tzfat will be quite the experience for me, as well…

…What am I saying? This ALL will be good. Yay!  🙂 Tel Aviv, et al, here we come!



2 thoughts on “#11 – Good morning, Itinerary!

    • Thank you! You just popped up all-a-sudden. 🙂 I’m so grateful and excited! I’ll find something awesome for you. And I’ll give M+J hugs when I see them in Londontown.

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