#12 – 14 hours in the air

Now, I’ve done many things 14 hours straight… been on boats for 14+ hours, sat in front of my computer editing/mixing/producing for 14+ hours… worked on sets for 14+ hours.  But, I’m pretty sure I’ve never been in the sky for 14 hours.  So, in preparation, I’m going to make a list of things to do while in the air for 14 hours.

  1. TALK – I have to remind myself that in general I’m not a chatty plane rider, but since I’ll be with a group, maybe I’ll talk with them or my seat mates for a bit.  But for 14 hours? I doubt it. haha  Aside, if people are talking too much, I usually find a way to “excuse” myself by falling to sleep.
  2. EAT – I hope they serve food.  I’m hungry just about every 2 to 4 minutes, let alone 14 hours.  But with Eating, comes…
  3. SLEEP – Generally, I don’t chat much on planes because by the time we take off, and are in the air for no more than 30 minutes, I’m asleep.  Never fails.
  4. PLAY – I always have my laptop with me on travels, but this will be the first time I’ll be leaving it behind. I can already feel the withdrawals.  This means I won’t have Monopoly, Scrabble, nor Solitaire Card Games easily at my disposal.  Looks like I’ll be packing a deck of cards.  However, I can only play for so long before I’m back to #3.
  5. READ – Aside from the magazines (Will Sky Mall be on our flight? Hmm…), I just about love to read a little bit.  But of course, that usually lasts for so long, and then I’m back to #3.
  6. WRITE – I usually get a nice thought to jot or journal, a song to write, whatever.  But, after a while, I’m at #3.
  7. I’ve run out of ideas.

I didn’t make it to 7 ideas. I’ll just see what happens. But all signs are pointing toward catching up on sleep.  It’s only going to be more difficult because if I were bringing my laptop, I’d have music producing capabilities.  And that keeps me so entertained. Oh well.  Here we go!



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