#13 – The preparations commence!

The excitement is getting more excitementy! I’ve just spent the last few hours of the morning contacting my phone and internet provider and my bank and such, notifying my companies here of my absence soon.  What fortuitous things arised as far as credits to my account for being such a good patron and them being excited for my trip excursions! Yay!  There’s nothing like preparing for a trip, and things just falling into place, especially when it comes to going to a new place (or places) never once traveled to before by one’s self.  Now all I am waiting for is to get confirmation about my extension date return (been waiting for over a month now – eek!), so that I can hurry up and book the cheapest flight over to Europe from Tel Aviv.  That’s going to be a nice trip to Europe, in that not only will it be my first time there, too, but I’ll be reuniting with some good friends that have left the US recently.  That means I’ll be celebrating Shabbas in Tel Aviv one week, and then in London the following week.  That’s so cool!

Only 17 more days! Super sweet.



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