#14 – In homage of Mothers

It’s Mother’s day in a couple of days. For me, it’s kinda just another day.  Though I often suprise special mothers (or influential women) in my life with cards, flowers or lil’ gifts in celebration of this joyous occasion, I was raised by my father since I was 5 months old, so really, I have no real affinity of the celebration – I just like to let Women/Moms know they’re appreciated, regardless if they are kin.  More so, my grandpa has been my truest guiding force in my late teens until now, and generally, I relate to men so much more, so there ya have it.

I am however a woman in my own right, defined by my experiences, my unique, G-D given blessed outlook on life,  and my observations of “woman” in all her Powerful differences.  From what I’ve observed and have come to know about women is that they also have many similarities, as well, which include their intuitiveness and nice smells.  Of course, this isn’t a gross generalization, but the similarities I’ve come to know stand out to me and that’s all that matters.  Because I matter.  Oh, they also give those good things… what are they called? Oh yes! Hugs. Aside, my beauty and grace, my strength, my clumsiness, my vulnerabilities, my intelligence… those make me woman, amongst other attributes. But, I only have my story to tell, and though I am woman, I am greatly influenced by the men in my life.  The Men have been more solid, more present in my rearing, but Women, too, have done their part in their own way, and I appreciate their efforts.

My womanhood is shaped and has also been shaped by the many places I have lived and visited in 26 years.  As I embark upon my first time on the Land of Israel, which to me is the Mother of all Mothers, I am fascinated by the prospect of what further shaping of my personal Woman-ness will unfold, just by being in the presence of Her energy.  I feel as though I am already becoming more comfortable in my unique casing, and my instincts say that this touchdown into Her arms will be the embracing I need to fully exude the light of my strength, and forever give me the chance to live fully in my Herstory.

So, in homage of Mothers, and even my women that are out there who are not mothers, and those whom may never get the chance to become mommies (whether they want to or not), I salute you.  I, too, salute the Holy Mother to which I am finding my way to (back to on the soul level?), as I appreciate her already being open to me saying hello to Her beauty face-to-face.  I feel as though She wants me there, just as much as I do, even though there is a Kingly-ness that resides in my soul.  I am happily looking forward to saying howdy.

Here’s to the Goddess in us all.  Here’s to women treating each other with kindness, not coldness; understanding, not distancing.  With love and gratitude and open arms, not anything less.

Shabbat Shalom, lovers.  Shabbat Shalom, Mothers.






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