#17 – Calm

When things happen that I really want to happen, I’m definitely excited, but I also have this feeling of calm that washes over me.  That calm that Someone is looking out for me; that Someone Somewhere, wherever that may be, is listening to my thoughts and wishes, eagerly looking forward to blessing and granting them.  Today I woke up feeling an even more sense of calm because I’m now under the 2 week mark, and aside from the fact that I’m still waiting to get my extension news so I can book my flight, I’m generally just coasting within the flow of time leading up to leaving.

If nothing else, I wish to see people who mean so much to my heart in these next 13 days, just because it’s always nice to see special folk before leaving on such life-changing adventures.  May my wishes continually be granted.  May my calm continually stay upon my Being.



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