#19 – It’s all happening!

As my thoughts become anxiously happy for the forthcoming travel date, it seems as though the Taglit-Birthright Israel network of advisors, counselors and trip coordinators are in my head, ready to deliver the answers just before I know it.  They’re good! My bus crew are planning a pre-trip soiree, and lately the rsvps have been rolling in, which is a great addition to all of the emails I’ve been getting regarding packing and trip details.  I’ve been meaning to start the printing process of all these documents, and what happens today? I get via snail mail (as in, “I have a letter!”) my glossy Pre-Trip Information & Travel Companion BOOKLET.  Yay! I love booklets.  I love booklets about travel.  And I love it when they are glossy and full of pictures and easily something I can take with me everywhere.  Duh, totally reading it after dinner tonight.  Actually, after dinner, and catching up with GLEE on Hulu.  I think it’s become one of my favorite books of late, and all I’ve done was read the cover and flip through the pages for a brief moment.

Secondly, today I got a very important, much-awaited email asking what date I wanted confirmed to extend my trip for a proper return back to LA.  I was notified of fly-back times, and all I needed to do was respond with my choice day to head back home after all the spiritual fun, and thereafter fun.  Finally! Yay! Hopefully I’ll get my first choice that I replied with, and can book the Europe part of my trip by week’s end.

It’s all happening!






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