#20 – The Art of Packing

There is so much synchronicity in the air in regards to me and my Birthright Trip.  Today, I was catching up with news on the NY Times website, and I was piqued by a headline entitled, 10 Days in a Carry-On. Being a dog lover and walker, I thought, “Oh my! I hope this isn’t a story about a pet in a carry-on situation.”  I also thought that maybe it would be an op ed with humor, telling a tale of something crazy ridiculous happening with a carry-on.  Alas – and luckily for pets – it was neither.  Instead, it was a nice picture tutorial of how-to-pack wisdom from a Flight Attendant.  How apropos!

Mind you, I’m what I would consider an expert packer and traveler, since I have done it so much, starting from a young age.  Wherever I’ve traveled to, even simply a home-to-home move, I have honed my timing and effectiveness of traveling via my packing prowess, no matter the length of the stay once I arrived at my destination.  I can pack a bunch of what I’ll need in a reasonable amount of space, key to a successful travel adventure.

With that said, I have not started to pack for the trip (10 days left!), but as I do a lot of mental preparation for anything creative (yes, I consider packing and traveling creative endeavours), I am already making mental notes and jotting them accordingly, which will make the process smooth as a button come 48 hours before I hit the airport on the 23rd.  And, as I’ve noted in a previous blog in this series,  the Taglit-Birthright Israel committee is so on top of everything, that they, too, have been communicative about what to pack (and how to pack).  Still, I’m sure there will always be one person who takes too much, and that’s OK.  They’re the ones to go to when those extras are needed, right? Right.

So, here’s to happy packing.  It is to be said that I should be a flight attendant because all of the correspondent’s techniques are the techniques I have been using most of my life, especially as I’ve gotten older and have had the need for more items on trips and the need to keep those items wrinkle-free has been pertinent to my well-being.  Though, giving credit where it is due is also what I do, I did learn a new technique from her regarding a different way to pack, for shorter stays.  So much synchronicity!  I mean, she packed for 10 days and basically the types of things I’d need to schlep in the desert.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she was going to Israel, too.






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