#24 – Blog 24 equals 2+4 equals 6 more days

It’s quite fascinating to note that as I head into the final home stretch of the pre-trip planning for my Taglit-Birthright trip, everyday I have been getting mail regarding traveling.  Today I even got a phone call being offered a low rate trip to Las Vegas for up to 4 people.  I had to decline, mostly because I was too busy trying to get my work done, but it was nice to get an offer.  I guess my brain is back in travel mode, because I’ve been getting mail about going RV’ing, going on Wine Tastings, train rates across America… the subconscious mind is a very funny thing. I definitely recall writing down on my want list for this year to go on a few special trips, some of which are manifesting in about 6 days from now.  So cool! But, I am also manifesting that I get a very special opportunity here in LA – another life-changing manifestation, if you will, so I won’t let my mind totally go wild thinking of plumb wandering the globe just yet…

In the meanwhile, I’m flowing along the lines of my forthcoming vacation to international places, wherein I’ll be having a lil’ expedition of sorts. To prep, today I bought two new pair of shoes that are perfectly what I wanted (hiking and river sandals) for discounted prices; a fanny pack that’s way cool, and not even probably considered a fanny pack (!); and last night I finished one of two mixes that I am going to press for passing out to my international brethren.  Last night’s mix is called “Dirty Pop”.  It’s so fun. No, really, it’s awesome.  Just totally in-your-face, Dirty, Grungy, Rockstar-esque House/Electro Wobble Pop.  (Now you see why I turned my description into just “Dirty Pop” – ha!) Oh boy!

And so, this trip to the Holy Land and London Land is fully coming into the fold. Woo!  I’m working overtime, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to fully immerse myself on this much-deserved vacation.  I’ve truly earned it, and I am so thankful for it.





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