Today I was hit with news that a really good soul passed away during the night.  He was 28.  I will keep this blog short, but with his journey on to a new Place, I say with the utmost sincerity – live.  Live your life and live it like it is all you have to do in life.  Live. Live lively, like he did. Travel, see friends, make that impression. Dance. Think intelligently. Think goofily. Be childlike. Live.

With only three days before boarding the plane, this week is full of learning and experiences that are grounding me and shaping my outlook to create a super destiny. This trip to Israel means so much to me on so many levels, and though I struggled a little at one time during this blog series with the thought of going or not, news like what I got today tells me with clarity that all I have in this life is to live. That’s all we can do.  There are other elements – being joyous, sharing light, being a friend, laughing, traveling… tikkun olam (repairing the world) but most importantly, life is about living.

So RIP, dear friend, Mr. Fisher.  You played percussion with spirit and danced like no one was watching… and always put a smile on my face.

To all others still with breath, I say, go out and play and make this world shine with your presence in it.  Take everything as it comes and always be grateful for what you have.  Especially, life.



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