And so it begins…

Going to Israel changed my life in so many ways.  I really can’t fully put it into words, but one of the ways I was changed was in my career confidence.  I mean, I’ve always strived for the best of myself in my career, but now I really know what power I have as a person in my field.  Whilst there, I did some good ol’ soul searching and asked bluntly to my Higher Power, “Please give me a definite lead as to what I am supposed to do in this world.”  And there are so many layers, but I’m definitely doing what I am supposed to be doing – being creative.  It really hit home when I got home in time for my first gig, and then they just kept rolling in.  I think it’s best to just show you what I’ve been up to since my return.  Thereafter, I can start from the beginning of my trip, as it is written in my journal.

  • Returned June 10th at 7 am.  Spent the day in bed, but working via text and email to catch up on things.  Finally went to sleep at 11pm.
  • June 11th – Up at 5am, I worked from the bed mostly. Jewish Journal’s “Oy Gay” Blog is launched and I also launch my first blog on the site.  I also put together another E-Newsletter before heading to a JQ International Shabbat.
  • June 12th – Again, I’m up at 5am (though I normally am up around 630 am anyway).  I put in work sorting music for the weekend up until 1030 am when I left to spin at two Los Angeles Pride events, including opening for artist Kelis.  I am up until midnight.  I lose my voice.
  • June 13th – Up at 8 am, and at the Los Angeles Pride parade start by 10 am in West Hollywood to march with Outfest.  I stay and dance and enjoy pride until the evening around 9pm.  Still no voice.
  • June 14th – Up at 5am again to take a special person the airport.  I finally get a little rest that day.
  • June 15th – Voice a little better, but I have meetings to attend throughout the day.
  • June 16th – Music internship at 10 am, work thereafter, fashion show dress rehearsal in the evening.
  • June 17th – Another rally of meetings and phone conferences.  I go dancing at one of the last of two nights at the historical Club Gabah in Los Angeles.
  • June 18th – I get an opportunity to work with the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait project and interview Nick Cannon for ET.
  • June 19th – Fashion show with Studs Clothing at the Kress in Hollywood.  Yes, I can work the runway.
  • June 20th – I see a film called The Lottery before heading to hear my original music as part of the Rogue Ensembles’s Hyperbole: Origins project at the 1st Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival.  This is a preview of the show at the Ford Theatre happening later this year.
  • June 21st – I do a Next Music Group Mixer party and spin for about 3 hours at Micky’s on Santa Monica Blvd.  Nothing like a lil’ estrogen in a mostly male venue!
  • June 22nd – A work day, with a bit of rest sprinkled in.
  • June 23rd – Sold storage stuff/gave some away, yada yada… clearing the energy!
  • June 24th – Hooray, I’m about to spin at a Reggae/Funk/World/Soul Party at Bamboo Restaurant in West Los Angeles.  I love being a guest dj at new venues.

…and that’s just the abridged version of everything from the last two weeks.

So basically, my life is usually nonstop, but after coming back, it’s been so abundant and whole, and I’m ready for it all.  It just feels right.  Thank you, Israel!


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