First journal entry continued

(Journal entry 5-23-10, continued)

The road to Israel, I found, was not an easy journey for a lot of us.  I learned this during our many hour wait before going through the final security to board our flight heading to Tel Aviv from LAX airport.  I’m talking ’bout some people being wait-listed up until 4 days before our departure… one trip-goer literally had to fly from out of the state into Arizona, wherein a flight was canceled, and a hotel accommodation was botched once she finally arrived in Los Angeles.  And on top of that, she’d already been on a road trip for half a day the day before finding out about being un-waitlisted!

We all had our pre-journey story, I could see; but, oh how lucky – and thankful – we all were to have won the most auspicious lotto [to go] on a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip!

…back on the plane:

Okay, I dozed off again on the flight and of course woke up for the 1st snack passing by.  And then it got all turbulent at one point, and the pilot begins speaking in Hebrew first (as they do for all announcements I’m finding), and I just knew [the announcement] had to deal with the turbulence – him giving orders to us to “fasten our belts” and “take our seats” and that he’d “do his best to get us through it soon”.

I quickly chuckled to myself when he started the English translation of “I apologize – we have had some problems with our entertainment package and we have not been able to fix it, so we only have channels 1-3 working*, but they have no sound.  Please forgive me.”

So I pulled out my journal to write.  How funny! We’re going to Israel and I’m totally just open to everything and going with the flow.  As it were, my seatmate just missed the trash bag that the stewardess just brought and presented to him over my tray (I’m in an aisle seat) and his [empty] snack bags just landed on my table. Yes, I’m already laughing a great deal. 🙂

Journal entry 5-23-10, 3:13 pm in CA, but I think we are in Nevada or something

*Yes, we were without movies the whole flight there.  I mean, we had them, but there was no sound, rendering our in-flight entertainment useless.  Ho hum!  I could have cared, but I had a pen and pad, reading to do, sleep to catch up on… and we were Israel-bound!  No worries.

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