Where am I? What day is it?

In the last episode of this blog, our beloved traveler found herself all a-giddy.  In this episode, our traveler has just become plumb delirious, though quite coherent, as she finds herself in Greenland, flying over different continents and countries and straddling time zones… She wishes she’d discovered Greenland first way back in the day, because that’s her last name. Kinda.

5-23-10, 9:05 pm (at least back in Los Angeles CA it’s the 9 o’clock evening hour)…

We are currently just entering our flight over Greenland! It’s 7:01 am in Israel now – I set [my watch] about an hour ago to reflect Israeli time.  Grandpa Greene lived in Greenland for many, many years in the service.  We also flew over New York some time ago.  I’m feeling like I’m retracing my roots [by] flying over Grandpa’s places of stay.  Like Greenland!  It’s so sunny over it now.   Grandpa said he wished he could be going with me when he dropped me off this am.  Me, too.

“Not many people get to go to the Holy Land,” he said.

So, I’m going to really make the most of this gift.

We kept chuggin’ along:

We’re now flying over Warsaw.  I just awoke from an off-and-on 4-hour sleep and we have about 3 more hours of flight to go.  I had to get up to rinse my mouth/brush my teeth and get some h20.  I think I may try to get more sleep.

(I admit, I slept a heck of a lot on the flight, and even during the trip.  Probably a record amount. Continuing on…)

I can’t believe how close TLV is to Africa! I suppose I did, but it didn’t click until I was just looking at our interactive flight map.  I’m glad I’m heading to London [from Israel] this time around, but soon I’ll go from Israel to Africa.  It’s a must.

Sometime, 5-24-10.

We landed safely, got through customs, retrieved luggage.  Welcome to ISRAEL!

We’re in our rooms and what a day! I remember being on the plane coming to Israel and waking at one point and seeing the Orthodox men reading Torah in the exit aisles.  That was such a magical “am I awake?” moment of reality.  In my haze of half-awakedness, their black attire was aglow in the exit aisles.  It was surreal.  So beautiful and magical and an image forever embedded in my mind, though I’m sure I’ll see it again.  But, nothing is ever like the first time. What a day.

I’m even excited that we had a 100 lottery and I won the first!  It was for [answering a question with the answer] “Taglit-Birthright Israel”. I’m drawing a blank of what the currency – ah, shekel! I won 100 shekels! Though we all got 100 shekel by the end of the game, it felt nice to kick it off.

Well, it’s 9:55 pm.  Time to hit the hay to wake up at 6:30 am and begin our first full day.

Looking forward to Tzfat!

9:55 pm, Israeli Kibbutz, 5-24-10.


I am reading these journal entries as I input them before you, dear reader, and how synchronistic I am finding that I awoke to a mystical dreamlike vision of prayer being held in the exit rows on the flight, and the first part of the trip we were to encounter was Tzfat.  It’s quite apropos that I am realizing this, because the trip began so magically, and through and through, it was a magical experience.  I suppose I began on the correct foot.  It was magical, I got a buncha sleep. And hummus.


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