Our first day begins

Back to the Blog posts, my journal entry is now about to begin the recap of our first official day on our trip in Israel.  This is also day one of 4 that the 100 shekels I won lasted! I can’t believe I stretched 100 shekels so long.  Anyway…


We’re about to head to breakfast on the first official day 1.  I slept 3 hours [woke up], then slept 3 hours [then woke up], then slept 2 hours, but overall I feel good.

I then reflected on the fact that back in the US, one of my friends was being laid to rest – time zones aside – “today”, as I had been relayed the news before I left the country.  As this post comes near to Tisha B’av, I am reading this journal entry again for the first time and humbled by the synchronicity of the timing of me doing this next blog post section:

…I prayed at [my] second 3 hour wake, just before resting another 2 hours.  I prayed that his soul stays at peace, and that I learn to live fully.  And that his family can be at peace.  I’m thinking of him today especially, and I truly hope that anyone in mourning can start to feel a little bit of hope [for] his peaceful new journey as this day begins to unfold here and 10 hours later over in the states in LA.  Though, I think he will be put to rest in Boston.  God bless our journeys and may we all live to the fullest capacity that we can.  Amen.



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