Leha Dodi

One of my favorite melodies at Shabbat Services is Leha Dodi.  Join me as we are in Tzfat…

We’ve sat in the place where Leha Dodi was created in Tzfat.  Also went to where the synagogue was where a bullet ricocheted right as the congregation bowed during a specific part of one of the prayers [way back in the day]. I think it was the Amidah or the Aleinu, I was just so fascinated by the mystical nature of this place and how a whole congregation bowed at just the right moment to be saved while observing Shabbat… I said a thought for [my friend who’d just passed away].  May his soul rest in sweet, sweet peace.  Amen.

A bit later:

We’re back on the bus from traveling Tzfat.  I took fun pictures.  I was in the Safed Candles store, looking at the Traveler’s Havdallah candle, and then we had a special tutorial of how to make a candle from the store owner (she’s been there 20 years).  Anyway, she asked what kind of candle she made and I said “Havdallah”, and she gave it to me! How nice! 🙂

Now to wine tasting.

4:21pm, 5-25-10



Side note: It’s Tish’ah B’Av, and here’s a youtube video that my friend made in Jerusalem. And she used a snippet of one of my tunes.  Here’s to rebirth, renewal and light.  Peace


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