Mt. Ben Tal

5-26-10; 8:19 AM

Today we go to Mt. Ben Tal and to the Olive Factory @ Golan Heights… then kayaking (actually it was rafting).  Time to look out from great, majestic heights.

It’s officially evening on Tuesday in LA, so I suppose [my friend] has now been laid down [to rest]. I suppose it’s a new day.  Looking forward to seeing what things are revealed…

Later that day:

We are headed to the Jordan River to go rafting. Just left the Olive Factory.  Then we learned this in Hebrew [on the way to rafting]:

A – Is your father a gardener?

B – No.

A – Because you’re a (beautiful) flower I’ve ever seen.

I love Hebrew pick-up lines.  My river rafting team called ourselves the Bomba Bee Butt Team.  Priceless.

Next Blog: “We’re on our way to Haifa Bay”…


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