I’m an Ambassador For Health + Happiness!!

Nova Jade* ~ Ambassador For Health + Happiness!

I’m having a blast at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition
This past week I really started to understand what it means for people to be Gluten Free or suffer from Celiac Disease.
Then we got a thorough look at how to Heal The Digestive Track…

My head is swirling with great education that I am excited to use to help people Experience Their Lives… REmixed!

I love all the information I’m learning!

Sound interesting?
Click here to take a glance at what I’m up to!

PS: This weekend we are having our second weekend-long school Conference.
Here’s our speaker schedule:

Saturday Morning: Keri Glassman, Mark Hyman
Saturday Afternoon: Rubin Naiman, Nitika Chopra, Marie Forleo
Sunday Morning: Dr. Oz, Lissa Rankin
Sunday Afternoon: Pete Evans, Mastin Kipp, Daphne Miller
(The first Conference I got to learn first hand from Deepak Chopra!)


I’m really going hard in school so I can better help people take back their lives.

Here’s to Health + Happiness!

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