Poem Submission from R. Baer #IINAmbassador

I got an insightful poem from someone I am currently Peer Coaching at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I thought it was a sentiment a lot of people share, so I asked permission to post it on my blog.

I am so happy to be a student at IIN, because it is connecting me with other people, all over the world, who are committed to making this world a happier and healthier place!

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Thank you R. Baer for sharing your poem!

[Sickness Inspires, by R. Baer (New York)]
I’m sick in bed
I can’t lift my head
I don’t want to hear
what the doctor said

I cannot move
I cannot eat
I’m so confused
I cannot speak

But if I hear
What my body declares
I’ll heal up soon
disease common or rare

When my body speaks
I can’t call it a lie
It’s an essential message
I cannot deny

She’s sayin
give me some space
she’s screamin
get rid of this mess
she’s cryin
All of these toxins
Are causin me distress

No matter what you think
Your intuition is true
If you give it a chance
It will cure you

I don’t need sugar
I could care for less wine
don’t feed me doritos
without coffee I’ll thrive

I said STOP
Don’t eat the sugar
it’s more lethal than crack
it’s killing you slowly
it’s stabbing you in the back

You know what I really crave?
greens, beans, seaweed and rice
strawberries and cherries, hey that’s nice
brussel srpouts, broccoli and kale
with all of these
I will never fail
Or allow disease

Mother Earth wants to nourish
why deny to receive
her endless generosity
shouldn’t spark no greed

Listen up y’all, cause here’s the truth
corporations are dirty
and soil is clean
just ’cause the box says food
it’s rarely what they mean

I’m sick in bed
I’m sick in bed
that toxic ice cream
went straight to my head
and throat, and stomach, and intestines, and blood, and liver, and kidney, and pancreas, and colon, and heart

But you know what body
I thank you for this lesson
Because without your wisdom
I would always be stressing

I want to love you
like you love me so
I want to nourish you
and watch you grow
These labels and ads
Are all big, fat lies
But our kind soft guidance
is never a guise.

I’m sick in bed
I’m sick in be
I’ll never forget
What my body said.


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