[Article] Men’s Journal ~ The Rise of the #HealthCoach!

Great article in Men’s Journal, “The Rise of The Health Coach”: http://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/health/the-rise-of-the-health-coach-20131206

Are you interested in becoming a certified Health Coach? Looking to work with a Health Coach? Read the article and see below for next steps!

Thanks for stopping in. 🙂

PS: Did you know even the rapper, Lil’ Wayne has a health coach? Yup! Join the Ripple Effect!


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Looking to get happier and healthier, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE?
Are You Ready to Experience Your Life… REmixed?

You have two (2) options for your Next Step:

1) Come to a FREE WOOH Session!

This is an FREE 50-minute, interactive webinar that you can plug into
to learn more about me and what I do.
Great if you are still on the fence about working with a Health/Life Coach.
This is more of a classroom vibe (there will be multiple participants).
Your NEXT Wednesday Open Office Hour Session can be found here.

2) Book A 1-on-1 Initial Consultation!

If you feel you are ready to work with a Health/Life Coach,
Book an Appointment With Me

for a FREE 50 minute initial Consultation!

Book an appointment with Tera Greene - DJ/Health Coach using SetMore
(make sure to choose the “FREE 50 MIN Consultation” option)

Read Raving Reviews from Clients I have worked With!

Why Hear Me Speak? Why Work With Me?

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