7 Ways to Attract more #Abundance in Your #Life


“7 Ways to Attract More Abundance In Your Life”

You can BE and have anything and everything you want… here are 7 ways to achieve it!

  1. Be grateful
  2. Be giving
  3. Be forgiving
  4. Forgive yourself
  5. Be authentic
  6. Be funny
  7. Trust

Which of the following steps can you take action on RIGHT NOW, to attract more abundance?
Which steps do you need help with?
What steps would you ADD to the list?

May your days be abundant… the secret lies within, and YOU hold the key to unlocking the Magic!

Are you ready to REmix and transform one or more areas of your existence?

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MainImage Tera “Nova Jade* Greene, is an intuitive Health Coach, award-winning DJ and The Life REmix Expert. A self-described “obsessive-compulsive researcher”, Tera* is a also a published writer and poet (Academic Press and Glover Lane Publishing), Speaker and guest Educator for elementary and middle-school thru University-level students.

Tera’s mission is to help motivated people all over the world become Happy, Healthy, Now!
A self-taught, yet highly coachable Seeker of Knowledge with a very unique Story, Tera* inspires motivated people all over the world, who are READY, to REmix one or more areas of their Life and Take It To The Next Level. This is a sample of her Weekly Wednesday Gentle Nudge, which are always FREE and ALWAYS priceless. 😉

Got a question? Want to say Hi? Feel free to Contact Tera* via this website. Or connect with her on Twitter (@djnovajade) or her Facebook Page. She loves to connect!


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