The #1 Secret To Adding More #Romance To Your Love #Life

“The #1 Secret To Adding More Romance To Your Love Life”
(Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

Whether you’re in a relationship now or not, do you know the #1 Secret to adding Romance (and staying power) in your Primary Food area of Relationship? Find out in a 2-page, Special Report ($27 Value… FREE to my readers for a limited time:

Why am I giving this exclusive report away for FREE? Because you and I both know that Love is something we can all use a few pointers on from time-to-time.  Plus, I am happily in partnership with my Twin Flame, and if you know anything about SoulMate/Twin Flame relationships, you know I take my Relationship seriously!  My partner and I have used this tool, among implementing other healthy Relationship techniques I will share with you when you Opt-in to receive the Special Report.

Get more Romance back and take your Love Life to the NEXT LEVEL with this Special Report! Get it here now.

Love shouldn’t have to be painful… You know this and just can’t figure out how to shift out of your flow.  This POWERFUL guide will help you get your groove back!  Don’t delay… it’s only available for a limited time for free!

Are you ready to REmix and transform one or more areas of your existence?

Choose your Adventure…

1) Take This Survey
(It Will Completely Change Your Life)!

(and for a LIMITED TIME, as a gift for completing this survey,
you will receive the FREE 5-Page Special Report,
“How To Create More Time To Do What You Love Using 5 Powerful And Easy Steps”)


2) Book A 1-on-1 Initial Consultation!

If you are MOTIVATED and READY to transform your Life,
in one or more areas,
and READY To “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway”,
(even if you are SCARED/FEARFUL/AFRAID of Change)…

Book an Appointment With Me
for a FREE 50-minute initial Chat!
You’ll have the time to discuss your GOALS and DREAMS,
And learn how I can help you REACH them
as we Work Together:

Book an appointment with Tera Greene - DJ/Health Coach using SetMore
(make sure to choose the “Schedule a FREE 50 MIN Chat with Coach Tera G*” option)


MainImage Tera “Nova Jade* Greene, is an intuitive Health Coach, award-winning DJ and The Life REmix Expert. A self-described “obsessive-compulsive researcher”, Tera* is a also a published writer and poet (Academic Press and Glover Lane Publishing), Speaker and guest Educator for elementary and middle-school thru University-level students.

Tera’s mission is to help motivated people all over the world become Happy, Healthy, Now!
A self-taught, yet highly coachable Seeker of Knowledge with a very unique Story, Tera* inspires motivated people all over the world, who are READY, to REmix one or more areas of their Life and Take It To The Next Level. Her Weekly Wednesday Gentle Nudge, which provides more tips and insight, are always FREE and ALWAYS priceless. 😉

Got a question? Want to say Hi? Feel free to Contact Tera* via this website. Or connect with her on Twitter (@djnovajade) or her Facebook Page. She loves to connect!


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