5 #Motivational Quotes to Add More #Inspiration To Your Day!

“5 Motivational Quotes To Add More Inspiration To Your Day!

gears-398454_1920Sometimes you may find yourself feeling a lil’ stuck, and that’s totally normal.  Where you are is not where you will BE.  Below you will find 5 Motivational Quotes from my heart to yours… May they get you back in gear to make things happen!

  1. You are Perfect AND you are a work in progress… Life and You are Beautiful works of Art!
  2. You CAN do it!
  3. You are proof that miracles happen everyday.
  4. You are enough, as is.
  5. You CAN have the life you want… imagine it and take action for it (and yourself)!

PS:  Are you feeling motivated and inspired? Why stop with these 5, when you can have 44 more? 🙂


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Tera’s mission is to help motivated people all over the world become Happy, Healthy, and more WHOLE, Now!

A self-taught, yet highly coachable Seeker of Knowledge with a very unique Story, Tera* inspires motivated people all over the world, who are READY, to REmix one or more areas of their Life and Take It To The Next Level. Her Weekly Wednesday Gentle Nudge, which provides more tips and insight, is always FREE and ALWAYS priceless. 😉

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4 thoughts on “5 #Motivational Quotes to Add More #Inspiration To Your Day!

    • MMMM!!! That’s good stuff you added, danielanthony!

      It’s amazing how much just doing *you* gets you to really see “success”.

      And a smile is worth all its weight in platinum. 😉

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