5 MORE Tips To Win The Battle Over Food [ #Nutrition #Wellness ]

“5 More Tips To Win The Battle Over Food”


Last week I posted 5 Tips To Win The Battle Over Food, and it was so well-received, I thought I would add to the list.

…And away we go!

  1. Understand that you are not alone.  Did you know that, for example, Binge Eating affects approximately 15 million people (3.5% of women, 5% of men)? That’s just one eating disorder, and it is also the MOST COMMON by 5x (it affects men the most out of any other eating disorder, by the way).  Why do I say this, to reiterate that you have nothing to be a shamed of…
  2. Know that the way you relate to food is not a reflection of your “goodness”. You are good, no matter what.  You just have a food thing that seems to grab a hold of you. It can be dissected. And again, you are not alone.
  3. Realize that it’s better not to have some things in the house.  Just like people, food can be your demise if you allow it to infiltrate your sacred space.  If you’re anything like me, you know that keeping those donuts in the house is not a good idea… and I say “keeping”, loosely, because you and I both know those donuts never seem to keep very long!
  4. Understand the factors and empower yourself. In the case of binge eating, understanding that you may have some factors that were passed down that are influencing how you relate to food may help you be a lil’ less harsh on yourself.  Etiological factors that may be contributing to how you relate to food: Genetics, Epigenetics, Neurology, Learned Behaviors, and Biology.
  5. Remember Primary Food can heal.  In last week’s post, you began to see food as “Primary vs Secondary”, and that Primary Foods, the foods you don’t eat, are the ones that actually fuel you.  Sometimes, mending a relationship (especially with self), going for a run, meditating or doing work that you actually love doing, are all you need to get your diet and nutrition habits back on track.

Does this resonate with you? Let me know… and please do remember that you have support. You are worth it, too.

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