Enter to Win 1 of 10 Ultimate Food and Nutrition Resource Guides! #health #healthcoach

“Enter to Win 1 of 10 Ultimate Food and Nutrition Resource Guides!”

UltimateFoodAndNutritionResourceGuide4Did you hear the news? You can be one of the lucky 10 people who wins the Ultimate Food and Nutrition Resource Guide.

Inside you’ll find tips and insight to help kickstart a Healthy Makeover, including:

  • weight loss tips,
  • food labeling,
  • how to dissect cravings,
  • The Good Carbs/Bad Carbs List,

and more!

FULL Color and valued at $47… Get the details here.
Oh, and Please share! You never know who you will inspire and motivate by simply passing the info along as I have for you! 🙂

Hi, I’m Tera*, and I am an Intuitive Health Coach, Award-winning DJ and The Life REmix Expert.

MainImageI am here to INSPIRE motivated people all over the world, WHO ARE READY,
to REmix Their Life and Take it to the NEXT LEVEL! Sound like you? Then,

My mission is to help YOU become Happier, Healthier and More WHOLE, NOW!

I use integrative knowledge from my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a depth of life experience, as well as my highly intuitive nature, to get you to TRANSFORM one or more areas of your life, as QUICKLY as possible. I specialize with working with women to reduce stress and worry by helping them have a Happy Period! More information can be found at my official website.

My Weekly Wednesday Gentle Nudge, which provides more tips and insight, is always FREE and ALWAYS priceless. 😉 Got a question? Want to say Hi? Feel free to Contact Me*. Listen to my mixtapes on Mixcrate, and be sure to connect with me on Twitter (@djnovajade) and my Facebook Page!


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