6 Ways To Clear Your Mind for Clarity and Success (Part 3 of 3) [ #motivation #wellness ]

“#GentleNudge 8Oct2014:
6 Ways To Clear Your Mind for Clarity and Success
(Part 2 of 3)”


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(This is the 3rd in a series of 3 posts on Clarity… The 1st post, “12 Questions for Clarity and Success”, can be found here. The 2nd post, “3 More Questions for Clarity and Success”, can be found here.)

Did you know your thoughts become things?

It’s true.  Thoughts are the DNA of the Universe, and you have the power to create all that you want, desire and deserve simply by thinking.

So, knowing this, wouldn’t it be reasonable to say that you should choose your thoughts wisely?

Clear Your Mind of Clutter


If you are like most people, your mind is filled with a ton of chatter and your life is stress-filled.  Negative thoughts trump the good ones. No matter how hard you try to “stay positive”, you still keep getting the same results.

Why aren’t your positive thoughts working?

Because negativity is a nasty army of extreme force.  Think of it as a weed in a garden.  No matter how great the environment of your harvest (you), or how great the intention to grow your crops through watering every day is (with inspirational, positive thoughts), your seeds (good thoughts), just won’t grow when weeds (negative thoughts) abound in your garden (your mind).

So, what can you do right now that will allow you to be more clear and start seeing your garden grow?  The answer, lies within a simple act of mind clearing.

Remove the weeds

When you start to remove the weeds (negative thoughts, endless chatter), you will have a better chance to see change and transformation happen.

If you are ready to start to make life work for you, check out these 6 ways to clear your Mind from all the Clutter.

Your free Life-REmixing tip:  TAKE ACTION. Remember what I said at the beginning of this post?
By taking the step to remove the clutter of your mind, you’ll be able to see just how powerful my first question was!



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