How to reframe your problems and manage stress in 3 steps

Want to learn how to re-frame your problems
and manage stress in 3 steps?

[ Think of a Traffic Light ]


  • Stop and Face the Problem:

Running and Avoiding will only compound the situation!

  • Slow down and Analyze the problem with a question:


  • Go Forward With A Solution: Using the answer to your question, you will have a solution (or possibly multiple solutions) to help you figure out your next step(s).

Example: You are behind in paying your credit card.

  1. Stop and Face the Problem.  Open the notification letter or email.  Face it head on!
  2. Slow Down and Analyze.  Take a moment to breathe, then ask, “Why is this happening for me?”  Maybe it’s to remind you that you aren’t budgeting, maybe it’s to remind you that you have bigger goals to own a house and tackling this will move your credit score forward.  Maybe it’s a reminder that it’s time you start using cash-only for a while!  Maybe it’s time you learned to ask for help.
  3. Go Forward with a Solution.  Say you went with “it’s time to learn to ask for help”.  You would then pick up the phone and make a call to the credit card company, and ask for further options.  Then make, and take, next steps accordingly to reach your goal(s).

The main thing to note is that you are empowering yourself by taking the problem and chunking it down, step by step.  You’ll also be re-framing the problem with an attitude of gratitude (“why is this happening for me”), while taking responsibility for your life and actions!

Can you see how using the analogy of the traffic light
can help you manage stress and solve your problems?

Bonus Life-REmixing Tip(s):

√ Do it Now. The longer you wait to come up with, or take action on, solution(s), the less time you’ll have to win the situation.
Do Negotiate. You don’t get what you ask for, you get what you negotiate!
√ Do Take Action.  The trap of analysis paralysis can only create more setback.

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLEness!

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