Five Reasons I Have a Health Coach

Great insight, especially if you’re on the fence about teaming up with your own Guide on The Side, aka A Health Coach aka Me! 😉

What is it that Health Coaches do that I can’t do for myself?

At first I asked that question too.  Let’s face it, everyone can do their own research on stress, fatigue, chronic disease, depression, weight loss, career goals, relationships, or whatever ails them.  You may even know the things you need to do to achieve the health and happiness you are looking for.  So why hire a health coach?

Confession:  I have a health coach too.  Why does a health coach need another health coach, let alone pay someone else for all the information I already have access to?  I’ll tell you why.

Top Five Reasons I Have a Health Coach:

1. Accountability

Ever try a diet or to incorporate new habits and find yourself failing?  I know I have.  It’s easy for me to fall back into old habits when I am not reporting to someone.  By having…

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