[ #GentleNudge ] 29Oct2014: Create Momentum by Adding The P.O.P! #success

#GentleNudge 29Oct2014:
Create Momentum by Adding The P.O.P!


Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #‎GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
and into the weekend!

[ Create Momentum, Create Your Life ]

The Universal Law of Action highlights the importance of taking action in order to create your life.  Wishin’ alone, won’t make the grass grow…

well, OK, disclaimer:  I once planted tomatoes for the first time in my grandpa’s backyard one summer, and totally forgot that I would need to tend to them (and water them).  I merely just kept thinking repeatedly, “I want my tomatoes to grow.”

Then one day, my grandpa comes in the house and says, “Did you plant tomatoes? They’re growing like crazy in the back.”  He exaggerated a lil’ (there were only about 8 cherry tomatoes on the vine), but still, the power of my mind actually *did* grow the tomatoes without any “effort” on my part.

Just think of what would have happened if I put some action and effort into it! 😉

Now that that aside is out of the way…

[ The P.O.P Moves You Forward ]

Whether you add a lil’ or a lot, P.O.P marks the spot!

P.O.P creates the momentum that creates the drive that creates the magic of possibility.  When you add The P.O.P, you get fulfilled, nonstop.

The P.O.P is that oomph that gets you going AND keeps you going, so that even when you are taking a day off, you are still in motion.

So what is The P.O.P?

[ The Power of Persistence ]

To understand the Power of Persistence, we must first understand what Persistence is:

Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 12.37.49 AM
Thanks Google!

I’ve come to think of PERSISTENCE as something that:


Even if you are starting off with all the doubt in the world, and have complete uncertainty of how to reach your goal(s), when you are persistent, eventually you start to grow into your “Big boy/girl” shoes, your negative thoughts start to subside, and your act of showing up is met with results.

So, Persistence powerfully creates two things:

[ Momentum ]

Persistence not only keeps you in motion, it keeps others in motion who will speak about you to other people, creating more momentum when you’re not even around to hear the tree fall, as it were.  (PS: for purposes of this post, I am speaking about generating momentum from a place of positive interaction and reaction to what you put out to the world.)

This is a great place to be.  When you have others thinking and speaking of you, they are helping you leverage your time, which heightens your visibility, credibility and increases your reach to help you attain your goal(s) quicker.

[ Top Of Mind Awareness ]

This act of word of mouth sharing is called, TOMA, or Top Of Mind Awareness.

This article is great for explaining TOMA.  Though it is relating to the profession of Real Estate, you can see the power in staying Top Of Mind.

When you are persistent, showing up no matter what, you’ll hear what I’ve heard in the case of some of my weekly DJ gigs, “I look forward to Wednesdays now that I know you are coming in,” and you’ll have people talking about you, and introducing themselves to you saying, “I heard there was a great [ DJ ], so I had to stop in and hear for myself.”


[ The P.O.P is your best Asset ]

Ever notice that a lot of people with seemingly little to no talent get all the “results”/accolades, etc?

Well, they do have talent: they’ve mastered the Art of utilizing the Power of Persistence!

Now that you know about The P.O.P, how will you use it to create the momentum needed for you to attain your personal and professional goals more rapidly?

Remember what I said at the beginning of this article?
It is the key to unlocking your destiny!

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!

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