Antoni Gaudí – a genius dreamer

This is art. This is life in motion. This is photography… brilliant!
PS: Check out the Photography Tip of the Day at the end. 🙂

Making memories


When you are  moving to another house you cannot help thinking about windows, stairs, IKEA and useful space. I have been doing that for a month, but let’s think about something beyond the usual. Let’s think about Antonio Gaudí – the most amazing mind ever born.

You know I love to share music to illustrate my posts. There is a 37 minutes long project of Alan Parson who is a legend himself. If you want to know more about Antonio Gaudí of Barcelona please find time to watch this video project from 1987: Gaudí.

I took a few images of Gaudí’s strikingly beautiful  work –  Casa Batlló (1904–1906), a building designed to comfortably live in –  and the family did live there until the 1950s.




The image from the beginning of the 20th century





Another stunning building with the fleshy, organic look, Casa Milà (1906-1910)


It is sad that many Gaudí‘s…

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