On Sale: Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Wellness Professionals!


Are you a Motivated Entrepreneur?
Do you feel a lil’ stuck in attaining the results you want?
Are you Ready to BREAKTHROUGH in your Business?

I am here to support you on your journey!

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[ A Taste of What I Do ]

I am currently coaching a group of 11 Entrepreneurs/Health Coaches in a 6-Week Transformation Circle.
Info Sessions were held the week of November 3, 2014:

Transformation Circle REplay
Listen to the Live Webcast Replay!

Take a moment to listen to the Recorded REplay of one of the Info Sessions!

[ Information and Topics discussed in the Info Session include ]

√ Who is Tera Greene, and why is she doing these Transformation Circles?
√ What is expected of me as a participant?
√ “How to go F.A.R in Your Business in 3 Simple Steps”, and
√ “Learn the #1 Marketing Strategy that Will Catapult Your Business”.

Some of the Entrepreneurs I work with have invested in one-on-one Business Mindset Coaching for their success, and I thought I’d offer a sale for you to get on board, too!

[ Who This Business Mindset Coaching is For ]

  • Motivated entrepreneurs who are ready to get unstuck in their business.
  • Motivated entrepreneurs who are looking to take control of their future.
  • Motivated entrepreneurs who understand the value in investing in business/mindset coaching for success.
  • Motivated entrepreneurs who are willing to do what it takes, for themselves, to achieve the results they want with a lil’ Guidance.
  • Health Coaches, Wellness Professionals and Spiritually-Minded individuals are welcome!

[ What You Can Expect to Gain ]

What you put into your sessions is what you will get out of them, ultimately.
However, in your 60-Minute Breakthrough Power Hour Session(s), you can expect to learn the tools to help you:

  • Generate a Return on your Investment that increases momentum and clarity;
  • Feel empowered to make your business dreams a reality;
  • Turn your worries and fears down and your CANs and WILL-dos UP;
  • Align with your worth and the belief that you deserve to be successful in your business; and
  • Create more sustained joy and excitement in your business so you fully love what you do!

[ Details & Refund Policy ]

Sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis.
Sessions are 60-minutes and will focus on your business.
You must book and complete your sessions within 6 months of purchase.
For a full refund to be issued, you must request it within 14 days of purchase.
Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with next steps to schedule your session(s).

[ How To Schedule Your Session(s) ]

With your order, you will receive 2 Bonuses:

nwi-book-coverThe 34 page E-book “Nonverbal Website Intelligence”, AND

the amazing 87 Page Special Report, “Blog Profits Blueprint” 2.0 aka
“How to Earn $10,000+ per month from your blog
‘Working’ as little as 2 Hours Per Day”: blog-profits-blueprint-cover-small
(Over 150,000 People Have Already Downloaded It!)

I could put a price tag on these, but I don’t feel it would value them enough.  So, let’s value them as priceless… 🙂

[ Ready to order? ]

Option 1:  60-Minute Breakthrough Power Hour Session(s)

  • One (1) or Two (2) 60-Minute Session(s)
  • Email support Prior to your first session and for 1-week after your final session. 
  • Coaching Prices on Sale thru 12/31/14!

One Session: $149 $75 USD

Two Sessions: $298 $149 USD


Option 2: “4 for 3” 60-Minute Breakthrough Power Hour Sessions

  • Four (4) 60-Minute Sessions for the price of 3!
  • Email support Prior to your first session and for 1-week after your final session.
  • On Sale thru 12/31/14!

“4 for 3” Sessions: $447 $225 USD


Whichever option you choose, I congratulate you for making the investment for the success of your business!
If you have any questions, please email: coachterag@gmail.com.
Looking forward to helping you BREAKTHROUGH!

~Tera Greene
(The Life Remix Expert)

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!


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“How To Create More Time To Do What You Love Using 5 Powerful And Easy Steps”


Hi, I’m Tera*, and I am an Intuitive Health Coach, Award-winning DJ and The Life REmix Expert.

MainImageI am here to INSPIRE motivated people all over the world, WHO ARE READY,
to REmix Their Life and Take it to the NEXT LEVEL! Sound like you? Then,

My mission is to help YOU become Happier, Healthier and More WHOLE, NOW!

I use integrative knowledge from my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a depth of life experience, as well as my highly intuitive nature, to get you to TRANSFORM one or more areas of your life, as QUICKLY as possible. I specialize with working with women to reduce stress and worry by helping them have a Happy Period! I also specialize in BREAKTHROUGHS! More information can be found at my official website.

My Weekly Wednesday Gentle Nudge, which provides more tips and insight, is always FREE and ALWAYS priceless. 😉 Got a question? Want to say Hi? Feel free to Contact Me*. Listen to my mixtapes on Mixcrate, and be sure to connect with me on Twitter (@djnovajade) and my Facebook Page!

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