The Top 3 Wrong Ways To Create The Life You Want: A Story in Images

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The Top 3 Wrong Ways To Create The Life You Want: A Story in Images

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[ The #1 Wrong Way To Create The Life You Want ]

I often send out emails asking what my clients and audience would like to read about.  I feel there is VALUE in writing, and POWER in writing that speaks to the solving of everyday problems that the motivated people and Entrepreneurs I work with have.

Recently, a client inquired about “How to move away from the stress of NOT Having enough”, essentially in order to have an abundant and exciting business as an Entrepreneur.  Here’s the response I posted.

I received another ask to blog about “how to relax when I just make what I need and not more”. My client went on to ask a few other things, but I’ll sit with this first one first.

Let’s look at some tangible examples to put this into context.
See if you can guess what the #1 Wrong Way to Create The Life You Want is…

found via Google search

found via Google search

Pinterest_Susan Tonso

Pinterest_Susan Tonso

Did you figure it out?

The #1 Wrong Way To Create The Life You Want is being Ungrateful.

Energetically, it puts out a vibration that is the opposite of lovely, no matter how positive, happy and pleasant to be around you may think you are.

Perception is everything:


found via Google search

So, DO remember this Right Way To Create The Life You Want:


[ Worry Gets You No Where ]


The #2 Wrong Way To Create The Life You Want is Worrying.

Let’s put it into further perspective:


Put even simpler, the more you worry, the less peace you have. And peace is attained with being grateful for what you do have and where you are…

Aside, there’s really no reason at all for Worry, anyway.
Don’t believe me? Here’s a road map to show you:

found via Google search

found via Google search

So worry, in a nutshell, doesn’t exist, right? Then that must mean, it is better to

[ Trust and Keep Going ]


[ #GentleNudge ] 5Nov2014: Trust and Keep Going!

But, how do you do that? For starters, you can read this GentleNudge entitled “Trust and Keep Going“.  You can also, do a self-checkin. Ready?

Choose the answer that fits you best:


found via Google search

Ah, you chose, “What I Make Happen”. Great!
So, DO remember this Right Way To Create The Life You Want:

Found Via Google Search

Found Via Google Search

Choose to take action. Remember: It starts with your mind…

found via Google Search

found via Google Search

Action is a RIGHT WAY.  And not just any ol’ action, but PERSISTENT action.
(Click to read a blog I wrote about The P.O.P + the Law of Action for your success.)

Bonus Life-REmixing Tip:

Action can go both ways.
INaction is an action just as potent as Action itself!

When you follow the steps I outline about PERSISTENCE, you will naturally stop worrying, and subsequently, start to appreciate where you are and what you have now.

Alas, there’s always

[ The Burden of ‘What If’ ]

“I’m scared of what if I don’t even
make ends meet by the end of the month.”

How often have you had this fear?  I know I have had it numerous times.

And yet, somehow I always ended up “making ends meet”.  Because of this, (and taking action), I’ve settled into the belief that it will always work out somehow.

Maybe it’s because of these astounding statistics about reality:

Life is continually conspiring in your favor. Life is a constant state of creation.
So, I remind you that most of the things you feel you are doomed with


The more you worry, you’re just wasting time, time that could be spent taking action to avoid the things you’re worried about (and that won’t even happen anyway).

And what if they do? Probably means you were worrying instead of taking action!
Make sense?

OK, great.

In conclusion,maya-angelou-top-quotes-7

[ Clarity for Your Success ]

But you can’t take action if you’re not clear.

So, Wrong Way #3 To Create The Life You Want is being Unclear.

Not too long ago, I did a 3-Part Gentle Nudge about Clarity for Success that I encourage you to check out. In reading that series, you will walk away with a lot more insight into what it is that you WANT so that you can start to get the results you want NOW.

So, DO remember this Right Way To Create The Life You Want:

Quote by Steve Maraboli

Quote by Steve Maraboli

You can only set yourself up for success by being Clear and Taking Action to Fix what you Can Control. You can’t have goals if you aren’t clear about what you want in the first place.  You know what I mean?

Oh and remember this important thing:


So, get clear and shift your mindset.

By the way, the FASTEST way to shift your mindset is with gratitude.

[ In conclusion ]

If you catch yourself saying, “I visualize the life I want and seeing myself on amazing holidays but I’m not just there yet”, 

Then stop doing the Top 3 Wrong Ways I’ve outlined, and START doing more of the RIGHT ways to create the life you want. Namely,

When you do, you will feel more light, life will meet you halfway (or more), and you will learn to relax into the process of co-creation of living a happy, healthy and WHOLE life.

Because truly,

found via Google Search

found via Google Search



Sound good?

To get back to relaxing into life, here’s a short article I wrote called How To Reframe Your Problems and Manage Stress in 3 Steps.

[ Question For You ]

What is one insight, appreciation or Aha you are taking away from this post?
Would you add any other Wrong Ways to this list?

Please comment below!

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Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!


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