My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 20 (Make It Happen)

My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 20

(Make It Happen)


[ Find The Time ]

Ever have those days when everything is flowing creatively? Things flow so well, you don’t want to stop what you’re doing because what you’re doing is so… yummy?

Today was like that.  It was like every moment I was in the zone.

I felt unstoppable, so I didn’t stop.

Neither did time. On days like these, how do you find the time for self care?

[ The Experience ]

I had planned on getting to a Yoga class today, and then time flew by whilst I was having fun doing what I love to do.  As I co-created with the Universe, as Health Coach to my clients, including one who called me unexpectedly for guidance; and as DJ at my weekly Wednesday residency, time slipped by and my plan to attend class became a passing thought.

Did this stop me? Of course not!

I did my practice as soon as I returned from my gig.  I made it happen because I made a commitment to myself to do Yoga today.  My plans changed, but my intention didn’t.

[ The Takeaway ]

When you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it done, no matter what.

On this 20th Day of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge, I am proud of myself for taking the 5 minutes I did today to continue moving forward for my Self.

What I enjoyed the most? Every moment of my intentional, 5 minute practice today.

Because Yoga is breathing; and with every breath, I tapped into my essence.

[ Question For You ]

Do you allow yourself flexibility when in pursuit of goals?

Please comment below!

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!



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