My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 22 (Good for the back)

My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 22

(Good for the back)


[ Relax the back ]

The last 24 hours I’ve been sitting at my computer, working on a new project for a deadline.  My back has felt the experience, wholeheartedly.

All I could get myself to do today was relax my back…

[ The Experience ]

I pretty much laid on my back, doing knees to chest and happy baby pose today.  It was exactly what I needed…

[ The Takeaway ]

Oh, deadlines. I am heading back to get my project done. One of many to complete before the weekend.  I am realizing I have to force myself to take more breaks.

My back depends on it!

[ Question For You ]

When you have huge deadlines, how to do you fit in breaks?

Please comment below!

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!



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