My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 30 (Every End Begins)

My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 30

(Every End Begins)


[ I fell in love with Yoga ]

On the front of my Fall 2014 Class Schedule reads:

Fall in LOVE with Yoga

When I got the schedule upon getting my gift of 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga, I definitely didn’t notice this written on the trifold, nor do I think that I would have believed its message even if I had noticed it…

But on this 30th day of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge, I can truly say that I fell in love with Yoga.

[ The Experience ]

This entire experience has been so lovely.  I can’t believe I am saying that! I mean, 30 days ago, I thought yoga people were weird (and I still kinda do); and now, I am one of them weird folk!  Gladly!

Yoga has helped me to stay chill within chaos, it has allowed me to open up and be more heart-centered.  Yoga has really been a great addition in my life.

Like, today, I went to work for my friend at her “local foods” restaurant/ corner grocery store.  It was ridiculously busy, yet I wasn’t phased by the non-stop influx of customers and their need of me to give them the best service possible.  At one point, one of the regulars even said, “wow, it’s so busy here, and this is your first day.  But you seem so chill about it.”

Though I think it went over her head, I simply replied,

I do yoga.

[ The Takeaway ]

Today is my 30th day of consecutive yoga practice.

It is also my 107th consecutive day of chanting and meditation.

I’m not sure which of the two practices have influenced my well-being the most, but all I can say is that something is working. So, I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing.

Winter Solstice 2014
Winter Solstice 2014

The shortest day will come in 17 hours of this final journal entry. It will welcome the Winter Solstice, and simultaneously welcome longer days. I may have completed this 30 Day Challenge, but as every end begins, I look forward to continuing this “weird yoga stuff”, as the days and season change henceforth, and new beginnings spring forth.

I am grateful I got this gift of 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga. I am grateful for the teachers who have taught me.  But, more than anything, I am grateful for myself for doing this challenge for my SELF.  It has truly been a priceless gift.

Oh, and thank YOU for sharing in the experience!

PS: Yin and Kundalini Yoga are my favorites I think.

Have YOU fallen in love with Yoga yet? 🙂

[ Top 7 30 Day Challenge Entries ]

Here are the top 7 “30 Day Challenge” Entries for the last 30 Days (as of the time of this writing):

And here is the entire archive of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

What resonated with you the most?
Are you inspired to do yoga (or do it more consistently)? 

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!



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