[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 8Apr2015: Excuses, excuses, excuses

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 11Mar2015 ~ Excuses, Excuses, Excuses Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump… and into the weekend! Do any of these sound familiar? “I’m broke.” “I have a mountain of debt.” “I’ve been ripped off.” “My partner just left me.” “I’m too busy.” “I have to hold down a […]

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 25Feb2015 ~ 27 Confidence Boosting Quotes #inspiration #success

This is part 3 of 3 of my series of confidence, and I wanted to go out with one of my favorite types of posts, the Quote Post…

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 18Feb2015 ~ The Life Remix Expert on Confidence [ Youtube + Infographic ]

Are you looking to get a quick confidence boost? Check out this short video and infographic!


[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 7Jan2015 ~ Your Ultimate Motivational Quote For 2015

To motivate you and to inspire success in your life and business, here is your ultimate motivational quote for 2015 (and beyond)


[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 17Dec2014 ~ The Best Gentle Nudge List of 2014

Here are 2014’s Top 10 (and Top 5 runner-ups) for the Weekly Wednesday Gentle Nudge!

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 10Dec2014 ~ 5 Super Tips to Create a Stress-Free Holiday

The holidays are here… you are probably being pulled in all directions, and on the inside, you are screaming like a frantic bird.

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 26Nov2014: 12 Habits of Abundant-Minded Entrepreneurs

Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
and into the weekend!

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 19Nov2014: Faith vs Fear

How are you showing up in your life? In your business? In faith or in fear?

#GentleNudge 12Nov2014: Keep Your Edge! #inspiration #motivation

In the past, I found myself trying to round out my edges to “fit in”. I felt that I would do myself and others a service by being less than my authentic self. But where did it get me?