37 Science Based Reasons to Meditate Today [ Infographic, Video ]

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[ Meditation… Part 1 of 3 ]

Have you ever wondered this about meditation?

I’ve been reading a lot about it and
feel the benefits from it but what exactly does meditation do for the body?
I know it activates certain parts of the brain but I’m not clear on what exactly that means. 

One of my clients asked me this in my inbox and I thought it would be a great series to dive into with you.

Sure, I’ve written about my personal experiences with meditation, like the time I I did a 10-day yoga challenge (starting at day 95).  But you probably were wondering, “what does meditation do for the body?”

[ Meditation Does A Body Good! ]

According to SoundsTrue.Com, meditation on the body can help you:

  • Channel revitalizing energy throughout your body and 

  • Uncover your body’s untapped powers of perception, intuition, and wisdom.

We live in an overly stimulated world, so when you can channel energy to make yourself feel good, your body can literally carry you longer and work more optimally!

Meditation can structurally change your brain… “thickening some areas, and making others less dense”…

Huffington Post Healthy Living Benefits of Meditation
Huffington Post Healthy Living Benefits of Meditation

( Click here to Read the full Huffington Post Healthy Living Article by Meredith Melnick )

Similarly, we are mammals, and meditation allows you to attune to the silent messages your body tells you to signal happiness, balance, and yes, even illness.  Body Scanning Meditation awakens you to what your body needs and wants to tell you:

Meditation Coach Mp3 Download. Enjoy a 10 minute mindful meditation as Greg de Vries, the Meditation Coach, gently guides you to meditate with this guided body scan meditation. Download your free mp3 meditation audio at the link above.

[ Meditation: Good for Any Body! ]

heart-157895Meditation is great for your heart and can “significantly help high blood pressure over the long-term”.

Plus, it is an excellent immune booster (illnesses and infectious bye-bye!), and meditation can help women reduce PMS, infertility and breastfeeding problems:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.08.45 PM

Source: Web MD.com

[ The Mighty Powers of Meditation, Pt 1 ]

Science has shown that mindfulness meditation can affect gene expression, which means that not only your body changes, but your potential for illness such as diabetes, heart-attack and dementia are lessened, too!

Curious to learn more? Just check what Meditation can do for the Body, Mind and Spirit (courtesy of The Huffington Post):

What Meditation Can Do For Your Mind, Body And Spirit (Huffington Post)
Click to Read all the benefits of Meditation at the Huffington Post…

[ The Mighty Powers of Meditation, Pt 2 ]

Emma Seppala, PhD also blogs about the 20 benefits of Meditation.

She even goes over some Myths about Meditation and helps you breakthrough the “I can’t meditate” mentality:

Click to Read More from Emma Seppala
Click to Read More from Emma Seppala

[ Still Need More Motivation To Meditate? ]

Alright, so you’ve come to a place where you’re saying, “Geez, I guess meditation couldn’t hurt!”  Great!  Let’s get started!

Try out the Headspace App program ( Free for the first 10 days ):


Or maybe you’re still on the fence?

Here are 10 Science-Based Reasons to Start Meditating Today!

Click to view Emma Seppala’s website!

The Takeaway

Meditation can change your life in so many ways.  And you don’t need to sit for hours, wearing a white robe.

You can be yourself!

…A woman


…An elder

Meditation Reduces Loneliness, Boosts Immune System In Seniors (Huffington Post)
Meditation Reduces Loneliness, Boosts Immune System In Seniors (Huffington Post)

…And You can even be a punk rocker, tatooed meditation advocate:


As a youth, Levine was incarcerated several times. His first book, Dharma Punx, details teenage years filled with drugs, violence, and multiple suicide attempts—choices fuelled by disillusionment with American mainstream culture. His substance abuse started early in life—at age six he began smoking marijuana—and finally ended in a padded detoxification cell in juvenile prison 11 years later. It was in this cell where he hit “an emotional rock bottom” and began his vipassana practice “out of a place of extreme drug addiction and violence” While incarcerated, he saw for the first time how the practice his father taught him gave him the tools to relieve the fear and uncertainty that pervaded his life.

One notable aspect of Buddhist Dharma is the path of our choices, the actions past and present and the intention for future action (Buddhist Law of Karma). Levine’s past—addiction, incarceration, violence, initial rejection of Buddhism and meditation—are all defining characteristics of his writings and teachings. “We all sort of have a different doorway to dharma or spiritual practice. Suffering is a doorway. For me it was the suffering of addiction, violence and crime which opened me at a young age, 17 years old. I was incarcerated, looking at the rest of my life in prison and thought, ‘Maybe I will try dad’s hippie meditation bullshit.’ Suffering opened me to the possibility of trying meditation.”

He currently leads Dharma and vipassana meditation retreats and workshops across the United States and teaches weekly meditation classes in Los Angeles. A member of the Prison Dharma Network, Levine works with juvenile and adult prison inmates, combining meditation techniques with psychotherapy. He “explores how they can have a deeper understanding of what has happened and what they need to do in order to be free, on many levels—free from prison, free from the trauma of the past.”

He has helped found several groups and projects including the Mind Body Awareness Project, a non-profit organization that serves incarcerated youths. Introducing them to the Buddha’s teachings. He lists the 14th Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ram Dass, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Norman Fischer, and Sylvia Boorstein as his teachers.

Noah Levine – http://www.dharmapunx.com/

Are you ready to change your body, mind and soul? 🙂

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PS: Stay tuned next week for part 2 of my series of meditation. We’ll dive into the types of meditation…

Till then, be kind to your SELF!

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Top 3 Crystals for Energy Healing, Stress Management

Top 3 Crystals for Energy Healing, Stress Management


A natural, relatively inexpensive way to increase your energy and manage stress

Do you suffer from fatigue and lethargy? Are your stress and hormone levels out of wack?
I encourage you to tap into the healing power of crystals and minerals!

I work with these Helpers daily, recommend them to my clients in my Health Coaching practice, and the power of crystals is magnificent for Holistic Healing.

The Benefits of Crystals

Each crystal is different.  Some crystals overlap in their benefits. Some crystals enhance the properties of others.  Some are ancient (think 2 BILLION years old), some are still being discovered for the first time this very moment…

One crystal may be great for helping with digestive problems, another for depression, and yet another for confidence.

The through line? Crystals are beneficial, natural Goodness-inducers that you can own for as little as a dollar (or less, if you stumble upon one for free on a hike or camping trip.)

Create Your Collection of Helpers

Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 2.28.18 PM


I took my friend Crystal Shopping yesterday and she got her first Amethyst, and a lovely chain to go with it.  I wear Amethyst almost every day, as it is awesome for helping to protect from absorbing unwanted energy, especially negative.

Top 3 Benefits: Helps Reduce Stress, Encourages Inner Strength, and is great for Travelers.

Check out more benefits of Amethyst at Healing Crystals for You.

Black Tourmaline

Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 2.39.26 PM

Photo: mycrystalpedia.com

Black Tourmaline is another must-have in your Crystal starter kit.  Just like Amethyst, it is a protection stone.  However, what I love the most about this power gem is that it doesn’t just absorb negative energy, it transforms it into POSITIVE energy. Plus, if you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on the computer and you are surrounded by technology.  Black Tourmaline can help you combat the effects of radiation and other harmful, technology-based life-suckers. 🙂

Top 3 Benefits: Turns Negative Energy to Positive, Helps relieve Stress/Anxiety, and Stimulates Grounding.

Check out more benefits of Black Tourmaline at Healing Crystals For You.


Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 2.16.02 PM

Photo: mycrystalpedia.com

Remember how I said there are some crystals that will enhance those around it?  Well, Selenite is one of them.

I love Selenite because it is like taking a bath in the most purest water you can find… if you can find it!  Selenite is so wonderful, you can literally place your other crystals upon it to help purify and cleanse them, which you should be sure to do often.

Crystals need cleansing and there are proper ways to care for your crystal.  But if you’re just getting started, you can count on Selenite to help you with the care of your Crystals.  Think of Selenite as your Crystal Collections’ best nanny/caregiver!

Top 3 Benefits: Used for Good Luck and Protection, Helps relieve Stress/Anxiety, and Removes Energy Blockages.

Check out more benefits of Selenite at Healing Crystals For You.


Photo: mycrystalpedia.com

Photo: mycrystalpedia.com

If you or someone you know suffers from PMT, Labradorite is a great crystal to look into!  It’s not just great for PMT/PMS and balancing hormones, it is also lovely for stress management and relieving respiratory complaints. 🙂

Check out more magical benefits of Labradorite at Healing Crystals For You.

Trust in the Ancient Wisdom of The Earth

The only way to unlock and unblock your potential is by trusting in the ancient wisdom of the Earth.  I have presented 4 great crystals to help you on your journey.  Remember what I said in the beginning of this post? Crystals are relatively inexpensive, so go out and explore and let me know how it goes!

Put it this way: Would you rather trust modern medicine, which has been around for less than 4000 years, or a gem thats been around for 2 BILLION years? 😉

PS: I am an Intuitive Health Coach and I value education.  The information that I provide is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, but to inform you, the reader, of alternative methods for healing…
In all health-related situations, qualified healthcare professionals should always be consulted.  Luckily, these days healthcare professionals are working alongside Health Coaches more and more!
In conclusion, please understand that this site provides general information only and is never a substitute for professional and medical advice. Consult your health care provider if you suspect a serious health concern.


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