10 Steps To Raise Your Self-Confidence [Infographic] #success #inspiration

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 11Feb2015 ~ 10 Steps To Raise Your Self-Confidence [ Infographic ]


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[ Part 1 of 3 ]

Do you ever find yourself worrying too much about what others might think if you do “this or that”?

I got a great request from one of my valuable email list readers the other day.

She asked me to blog about “how to become so loving, caring and ruthlessly self confident… To be able to ask and receive everything without be shy or embarrassed.”

Ever feel that way, too?

In order to best serve her needs (and yours, too!), I decided to answer in a 3-part Gentle Nudge Series.

So, without further ado, here’s part one of three: 10 Steps To Raise Your Self-Confidence!

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How to Boost Your Confidence Infographic
Infographic created by inMotion Life.

The Takeaway

Confidence is more simple than you think!

Sure, you can grow your confidence leaps and bounds, but oftentimes, those leaps start with a small, minor tweak; namely,

do what you can do, and focus on what you are doing, rather than dwelling on things you can’t control!

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