My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 27 (Use The Wall)

My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 27

(Use The Wall)


[ I needed that ]

The teacher that I take Yoga Basics class with, which is in the style of Hatha Yoga, also teaches a Yin class ( aka: “more relaxed and zen” yoga).  I was feeling a lil’ tight in the side of my back earlier today and I almost stayed home.

But, alas, the studio is only 2 minutes from my front door, and Yin is zen, so I went.

I’ll just start with the end by saying, “I needed that.”

[ The Experience ]

I took my partner along and we were both curious to note that we used the wall as support the entire class. It was a way of doing Yoga that neither of us had done before.

In using the wall as support (and gravity as our helper), we were able to go deeper into the poses we held, which meant we were able to target the fascia more intentionally.  Through this, we were able to open up more meaningfully.

My two favorite poses of the evening were the frog pose:

Yin Frog Pose
Click image to learn about the Yin Frog Pose

And King Arthur pose, which apparently is a good pose for runners:

Click image to learn more yoga poses for runners

Mind you, I am not a runner. My partner is. But, nope, I am not a fan of running.  Though, ironically before class yesterday, a gentleman asked me if I was.  We ended our short chat with me saying, “I guess sometimes people see things in us that we don’t.”

Any rate, the King Arthur’s pose is intense.  I actually kept my leg that wasn’t on the wall bent and lowered to the ground, using a yoga block to gently lift that leg a bit so as to still feel the stretch in my wall-supported leg.

Did you get all that? lol

[ The Takeaway ]

Now that I know I can use walls to do yoga, I really feel like there’s no excuse.

“I can do anything.”

[ Question For You ]

What can you do when you use your immediate resources?

Please comment below!

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!



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