2 Minutes With Tera Season 1 Finale!

2 Minutes With Tera Season 1 Finale!

2 Minutes With Tera ~ Season 1 Finale

Thank you for watching! Season One is now over. Look out for Season Two February 2015. In the meanwhile, listen and subscribe to The DJ Health Coach Podcast on iTunes for weekly music, wellness and inspiration!

The DJ Health Coach Podcast on iTunes!
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“2 Minutes With Tera” is a short series dedicated to helping you REmix Your Life through interesting life concepts.

New Episodes are posted the 1st + 3rd Sundays/Mondays of every month!

Presented by Tera Greene, Intuitive Health Coach, Award-Winning DJ and The Life REmix Expert.

2-minute topics include: Science, Spirituality and Food/Nutrition (remember, food isn’t only what you eat!)
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My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 19 (Trusting The Breath)

My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 19

(Trusting The Breath)


[ Thank You ]

How often do you say thank you to your breath?

I mean, really show gratitude… by honoring your breath, by trusting it?

…Trusting that your breath will sustain you and your body through anything?

I have overcome asthma as a child and into my late-20s, so I know what it’s like to not be able to breathe, and then be thankful for the breath.  But, now, I say thank you to my breath, simply because I am learning to trust her.

[ The Experience ]

I did a Yoga Basics class today, and even though I was a bit tired from my hour of Kickboxing prior to class, I found that I really allowed myself to rely on my breath to carry me through.  AND IT WORKED!  At one point, I was even called up as one of the two yogis (am I a yogi? lol) to demonstrate body types to the class, and how all bodies are different… but that yoga is for every body.

No matter the ability. No matter the disability.

I felt empowered today and really felt the energy within me (I felt my belly get hot with energy today) and around me (I felt my arms were slicing through the invisible life force energy as though it were thick).  I felt grounded and solid.

And I thank my breath for helping me feel empower-ful, energy filled and solid!

[ The Takeaway ]

We can chose to let life happen around us, or we can breathe and make things happen for us.  Period.

[ Question For You ]

Are you breathing?

Please comment below!

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!


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The DJ Health Coach Podcast now on @iTunes and @Stitcher!

The DJ Health Coach Podcast now on iTunes and Stitcher!

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Click To Listen on iTunes Now!

Just wanted to share that I’ve had a lot of exciting and HIGH POWERED partnerships form over the last 4 days. I’ve also been invited to some wicked trainings for my business. Things are rolling and big things are HAPPENING!

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Remix Your Life with The DJ Health Coach Podcast… A weekly inspirational podcast for Motivated Entrepreneurs and Spiritually-Minded Individuals who love music and have a passion for wellness and all things esoteric.

The DJ Health Coach Podcast is a weekly podcast broadcasting globally to inspire you through live-DJ sets, wellness topics and inspirational messages.  Special guests on air periodically!

In this first Episode, DJ Nova Jade welcomes you with a live DJ set, featuring the sounds of House music. Perfect to Dance to, Workout With, and just Groove Along to on your travels! Enjoy and do subscribe. Click to listen now!

Happy to be back to podcasting for you.  2015 is going to be a rocket ship of a ride!

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Listen and Subscribe on iTunes now!
Listen and Subscribe on iTunes now!