My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 21 (Experiential Learning Heals)

My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 21

(Experiential Learning Heals)


[ Go Practice ]

When I got into my yoga practice almost a month ago, the main goal was simply this:

Do Yoga Everyday for 30 Days.  

Most of my first days were spent learning in the classroom, so to speak: A Yin Class here, a Hatha Class there, a morning Kundalini class, just for fun…

After a while, I noticed that to meet my goal of doing yoga everyday for 30 days while working with my busy schedule, I had to be OK with being flexible… and being OK to go practice at-home, by myself.

And that would make sense, because ultimately, yoga is your practice.  More over, yoga is breathing (and all the poses and such are bonuses in an already abundant Care Package from the Universe).  So, even though I have an unlimited yoga pass, there was bound to be a time when I’d have to go practice by myself, for myself.

[ The Experience ]

I bet you probably suspected I was going to say the following statement.  Today, my practice was spent at-home instead of heading to a Yoga Basics class that will start in about half an hour.

Well, you probably guessed part of the sentence, at least.

As a motivated entrepreneur, I have deadlines and a focus to tend to. In order to manage my work life with my self care practice, I have to meet myself where I am, first and foremost to move forward.

I learned earlier this year that in a study by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, it was scientifically proven that experiential education/learning yields more successful results that traditional classroom methods.  I love science, I love learning, and I love results, and the way we learn in Yoga class is very Experiential.  Because, as pretty much all of my teachers have said this Challenge, “this is your practice.”

[ The Takeaway ]

Before I began my practice tonight, my body was tight and ached.

As I did movements and breath work that served me, and that I had learned over the past 21 days, I filled with lightness.

At the end of my practice, my aches were gone, dissipated in my breath.

[ Question For You ]

Do you allow yourself flexibility when in pursuit of goals?

Please comment below!

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!



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How to Treat Exercise-Induced Soreness (with Infographic!)

How to Treat Exercise-Induced Soreness

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 12.27.53 PM
OH, geez…
I went to my first Kundalini Yoga class a few days ago and let me tell you, I am STILL learning how to walk again. LOL
Have you ever experienced that type of exercise-induced soreness?

If you have, and want to learn how to treat it with fast, practical and simple suggestions, then by all means, check out this great article by Pain Management and Injury Relief Medical Center in California, USA.

[ What You Will Learn ]

√ Eating and Drinking for Recovery (There’s even a section about Cherries!)
√ Active Recovery Tips
√ Inactive Recovery Tips

Plus you’ll get an amazing FULL-COLOR Infographic Download.

Ready to Recover Naturally so you can get back to being Active? Click here for the article. 🙂

Bonus Life-REmixing Tip:  S T R E T C H daily!

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