Kids, Obesity and Sugar: A few articles to get you to think #nutrition #health

Kids, Obesity and Sugar: A few articles to get you to think

I am passionate about delivering information and education to help you make better, informed decisions.  When it comes to children, I am also very passionate, and I truly want to be a catalyst to make sure our children have a fighting chance at having long and healthy lives.  Below are three articles I’ve found to help you take action for children, too:

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 4.17.10 PM
Great article that includes a section on rehabilitating young taste buds
Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 4.23.53 PM
The Toxic Truth: Sugar is Linked to Childhood Obesity
Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 4.25.20 PM
Click to Download the one sheet and read the article from Harvard School of Public Health

If you have a kid or teenager, or know someone who does, I hope you get one takeaway from what you discover in these articles to insure they have a chance to grow into healthy adults!

Here’s to our youth’s health, happiness and WHOLEness!


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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

OMG This is ART!

I was hesitant to click on this post when I saw it in my feed because sugar is just very much something to not be advocated for (inflammation, diabetes, etc). But, I’m glad I checked!

What I liked most was the use of sugar alternatives. Though, with all sugar, do your best to keep it to a minimum for optimum health. 🙂

Great presentation. Great post. Food as Art, once again!

Happy ‘ween!

All Of Life's Creatures

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is not widely celebrated in Australia but I really wish it was. I’m a sucker for a costume party and love the idea of transforming the house into a haunted mansion and baking the most creepy Halloween dishes I can find on Pinterest.

Today I wanted to share one of my favourite recipes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Reese’s peanut butter cups are one of my all-time favourite treats. So when I came across Alicia’s Silverstone’s healthier, dairy-free version of the famous sweet I had to try it. After using this recipe countless times, I have to say they are one of the most delicious and easiest desserts to make and a hit at parties. You can easily substitute the ingredients to include dairy but I promise you won’t miss it.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


1/4 cup non-dairy butter or margarine (try Earth Balance or Nuttelex

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Poem Submission from R. Baer #IINAmbassador

I got an insightful poem from someone I am currently Peer Coaching at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I thought it was a sentiment a lot of people share, so I asked permission to post it on my blog.

I am so happy to be a student at IIN, because it is connecting me with other people, all over the world, who are committed to making this world a happier and healthier place!

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Thank you R. Baer for sharing your poem!

[Sickness Inspires, by R. Baer (New York)]
I’m sick in bed
I can’t lift my head
I don’t want to hear
what the doctor said

I cannot move
I cannot eat
I’m so confused
I cannot speak

But if I hear
What my body declares
I’ll heal up soon
disease common or rare

When my body speaks
I can’t call it a lie
It’s an essential message
I cannot deny

She’s sayin
give me some space
she’s screamin
get rid of this mess
she’s cryin
All of these toxins
Are causin me distress

No matter what you think
Your intuition is true
If you give it a chance
It will cure you

I don’t need sugar
I could care for less wine
don’t feed me doritos
without coffee I’ll thrive

I said STOP
Don’t eat the sugar
it’s more lethal than crack
it’s killing you slowly
it’s stabbing you in the back

You know what I really crave?
greens, beans, seaweed and rice
strawberries and cherries, hey that’s nice
brussel srpouts, broccoli and kale
with all of these
I will never fail
Or allow disease

Mother Earth wants to nourish
why deny to receive
her endless generosity
shouldn’t spark no greed

Listen up y’all, cause here’s the truth
corporations are dirty
and soil is clean
just ’cause the box says food
it’s rarely what they mean

I’m sick in bed
I’m sick in bed
that toxic ice cream
went straight to my head
and throat, and stomach, and intestines, and blood, and liver, and kidney, and pancreas, and colon, and heart

But you know what body
I thank you for this lesson
Because without your wisdom
I would always be stressing

I want to love you
like you love me so
I want to nourish you
and watch you grow
These labels and ads
Are all big, fat lies
But our kind soft guidance
is never a guise.

I’m sick in bed
I’m sick in be
I’ll never forget
What my body said.


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The #IINLive May Conference Recap


#Selfie Mid-Dance during IIN Live May Conference (Not on Sugar)


The weekend of May 16th, I attended a conference hosted by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). The 2-day learning extravaganza took place in NYC, and I attended virtually thanks to the advancement of live-streaming technology.  I frantically took notes that weekend, locked away in my room, much to the annoyance of one of my roommates and her friends who imbibed libations and immersed themselves in debauchery, because, as she later would berate me, she thought I was “not being friendly”.

Alas, I am an empathic introvert, AND seeing that the conference wouldn’t just pause for me, I had no time to waste. I said a short hello and retreated…

I’m in school with HUGE goals and well, I guess sometimes those closest to you just don’t get it.

At any rate, during the conference, I really started to get excited about being a student at IIN and the integration of Health Coaching into my 11 years of being an award-winning DJ.  I began to see my future, to stand in it fully and confidently, and with the conviction that what I’m doing now would have to pay off later, so that I could not only help others, but be able to take breaks and hang out more often (though, I don’t drink alcohol anymore since Dec 7, 2012, minus a few hiccups the first few months).


There was so much information that I could literally just transcribe my notes, but I’ll spare you, gentle reader, and give you some points to ponder:

  • “Stress less” ~ Keri Glassman, Registered Dietician (Stress and Relaxation can’t live together, take a moment to enjoy an 8-count breath)
    • My thought: “Intend Relax”
  • “Have a Purpose + Follow it” ~ Nitika Chopra
  • Google/Bing/Wiki Doctor “Lissa Rankin”.  Enough said there. Or better yet, just go to her website. She dropped knowledge on a whole ‘nother level of vibrating! Three words: “Mind Over Medicine”.
  • “Know your priorities; priorities = prosperity” ~ Marie Forleo (She also had a wonderful 3-year Painted Picture exercise that really resonated with me)
  • Dr. Oz and IIN founder, Joshua Rosenthal are making major moves to get Health Coaches covered by Insurance.  That’s HUGE and makes for a very exciting time to become a health coach.
  • “Obesity does not equal calories, but it equals the composition of foods we eat… Metabolic rate, fat storage and hunger depends on dietary composition.” ~ Dr. Mark Hyman
  • GO SEE FED UP The movie!


I am working towards a world that is Authentic, where being Youthful is Yummy and Prosperity reigns for all, and all these things are for the Highest Good Of All Concerned!
I am motivated to make sure the Earth and Her People come to Extreme Peace, Love and Goodness. I am grateful for my Vision. I know it. I am ready!

After the conference, it became clear to me that in 3-years, I will be in Radio (thanks to the 3-year Painted Picture exercise!)
So, stay tuned! 🙂


I just posted my latest post at the Jewish Journal, going further in depth about FED UP, the movie.  Check it out here.