[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 17Dec2014 ~ The Best Gentle Nudge List of 2014

‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 17Dec2014 ~ The Best Gentle Nudge List 2014


Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
and into the weekend!

Happy Holidays!

It’s been a great year and I’m so thankful you have joined me in the journey.  Your health, happiness and success means a lot to me, so I’ve decided to give you the Best Gentle Nudge List of 2014.

Please note The Gentle Nudge can be easily found by clicking here. It was originally a series that I posted at my website, DJNovaJade.Com. Click here to view The Gentle Nudge in its original format. Some of the Best Gentle Nudge List winners are from each!

The Gentle Nudge comes back to inspire and motive you on January 7, 2015!

Happy New Year!

[ The Top 10 ]

[ The Top 5 Runner-ups ]

[ Question For You ]

What was your favorite Gentle Nudge?

Please comment below!

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!



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[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 10Dec2014 ~ 5 Super Tips to Create a Stress-Free Holiday

‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 10Dec2014 ~ 5 Super Tips to Create a Stress-Free Holiday


Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
and into the weekend!

[ A Recap ]

I often send out emails asking what my clients and audience would like to read about.  I feel there is VALUE in writing, and POWER in writing that speaks to the solving of everyday problems that the motivated people and Entrepreneurs I work with have.

Recently, a client inquired about “How to move away from the stress of NOT Having enough”, essentially in order to have an abundant and exciting business as an Entrepreneur.  Here’s the response I posted.

I received another ask to blog about “how to relax when I just make what I need and not more”. My client went on to ask a few other things, and I responded in a post entitled, “The Top 3 Wrong Ways To Create The Life You Want: A Story In Images”.

Since the holidays are here, today’s Gentle Nudge is about Stress Management.

[ 5 Super Tips ]

It is no surprise that the holidays are here.  That means you are probably being pulled in all directions, and on the inside, you are screaming like a frantic bird.  I’m here to help you lose the overwhelm so you can start to have more joy during these times. It is my sincerest hope that one (or more) of these tips will help you; not just for the holidays, but for managing your stress, in general!

  1. Start Earlier

    I got an email earlier this year from a mentor who had this brilliant, out-of-the-box idea for managing your time, especially around the holidays.  The tip? Start Earlier!

    Think about how much time (and how less stress) you’d have by simply sending out your holiday cards and gifts in June versus in late-November.  With places like Amazon, for example, you can literally send E-GiftCards that can be used any time and for gifts your family and friends will truly enjoy (because they get to choose them).

    So, next year, start earlier! By this time next year, you’ll wish you did! Aside, aren’t the holidays seemingly starting earlier anyway?

  2. There’s Only One Step

    Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.28.35 PMThe other day, this amazing two minute video was posted on my Facebook page.  In it, Oprah chats about a simple principle: At any given time, there’s only one step.  So, instead of being overwhelmed with all the things you have to get done this holiday season, focus on the one thing that you can get done now, then the next, and then the next… Which brings me to #3:

  3. Breathe

    I’ve been doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and what I’ve learned in my 19 days is that yoga is not about poses and being flexible, contrary to popular belief.  In fact, Yoga is about tapping into the power of your breath; for in the breathing comes the ability to handle anything that comes your way. So does, #4:

  4. Delegate

    3 Smart Strategies to Create More Time In Your Day
    Stop. Ask for help!

    In my popular Gentle Nudge 3 Smart Strategies To Create More Time In Your Day, I outline the importance of learning to delegate and the reason why. If you were to only master this one tip, you’d truly become more relaxed this holiday and in your daily life. By the same token, you can reduce overwhelm by learning to

  5. Say NO

    protest-464616_1920At the end of the day, you only have 24 hours. You can do everything, and you will feel exhausted, resentful and not happy in the process.  Find ways to be more generous to yourself. Start by remembering that you always have the power to say no if you feel overwhelmed.  Say yes to a stress-free holiday by kindly, respectfully saying NO.

[ Question For You ]

What is one insight, appreciation or Aha you are taking away from this post?
Would you add any other Super Tips to the List?

Please comment below!

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Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!


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#GentleNudge: 9July2014 ~ Wisdom




Here’s Your Weekly #Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump… and into the weekend!

When you look back over your years, aren’t you amazed at how much#wisdom 
you’ve gained from feeling the fear + doing it anyway?

What’s one thing you can do today to add healthy #experience into your life?
If it scares you in the direction of growth + healthy learning, dive in, wise owl!
For, as said in Willy Wonka, “Marvelous #adventures await you!”

Here’s to everyone who has decided to Live Your Life!
May the wisdom of the Sages be the wind that floats your sails evermore this lifetime… 

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