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Top 7 Reasons Why The Super List Method 2.0 Even
Works For Newbies Building Lists

Top 7 Reasons The Super List 2.0 Works For Newbies

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Tera Greene
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Alex Jeffreys Super List 2.0 Review and Bonus Video 1-8 @youtube #success


Alex Jeffreys Super List 2.0 Review and Bonus Video 1-8

The $7,000 question is:

Do you want to build a Super List?

Alex Jeffreys Super List 2.0 Review Video 1- 8 Overview Alex Jeffreys Super List 2.0 Bonus

If you’re considering investing in Alex Jeffreys’ SuperList 2.0 you should take a look at this video for Alex Jeffreys’ SuperList 2.0 Review of the Super List Relaunch and where you can get Super List Method 2.0 (this is for the fast action takers!)

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You can find additional links to my Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Videos Below:

Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Video 1 Overview –

Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Video 2 Sales Page –

Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Video 3 Bonus Page –

Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Video 4 Module 1-

Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Video 5 Module 2-

Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Video 6 Module 3-

Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Video 7 Modules 4-6 –

Alex Jeffreys Super List Review Video 8 Modules 7-8

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The Life REmix Expert
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The SuperList Method
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Unstoppable, Hot, Converting Traffic: Launch Bible 2.0 Honest Review (Part 2 of 3)

Portrait of attractive young woman showing a thumbs up on white background

Unstoppable, Hot, Converting Traffic

Launch Bible 2.0 Honest REview
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To your success!


37 Science Based Reasons to Meditate Today [ Infographic, Video ]

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 4Mar2015 ~ 37 Science Based Reasons to Meditate Today [ Infographic, Video ]


Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
and into the weekend!

[ Meditation… Part 1 of 3 ]

Have you ever wondered this about meditation?

I’ve been reading a lot about it and
feel the benefits from it but what exactly does meditation do for the body?
I know it activates certain parts of the brain but I’m not clear on what exactly that means. 

One of my clients asked me this in my inbox and I thought it would be a great series to dive into with you.

Sure, I’ve written about my personal experiences with meditation, like the time I I did a 10-day yoga challenge (starting at day 95).  But you probably were wondering, “what does meditation do for the body?”

[ Meditation Does A Body Good! ]

According to SoundsTrue.Com, meditation on the body can help you:

  • Channel revitalizing energy throughout your body and 

  • Uncover your body’s untapped powers of perception, intuition, and wisdom.

We live in an overly stimulated world, so when you can channel energy to make yourself feel good, your body can literally carry you longer and work more optimally!

Meditation can structurally change your brain… “thickening some areas, and making others less dense”…

Huffington Post Healthy Living Benefits of Meditation
Huffington Post Healthy Living Benefits of Meditation

( Click here to Read the full Huffington Post Healthy Living Article by Meredith Melnick )

Similarly, we are mammals, and meditation allows you to attune to the silent messages your body tells you to signal happiness, balance, and yes, even illness.  Body Scanning Meditation awakens you to what your body needs and wants to tell you:

Meditation Coach Mp3 Download. Enjoy a 10 minute mindful meditation as Greg de Vries, the Meditation Coach, gently guides you to meditate with this guided body scan meditation. Download your free mp3 meditation audio at the link above.

[ Meditation: Good for Any Body! ]

heart-157895Meditation is great for your heart and can “significantly help high blood pressure over the long-term”.

Plus, it is an excellent immune booster (illnesses and infectious bye-bye!), and meditation can help women reduce PMS, infertility and breastfeeding problems:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.08.45 PM

Source: Web

[ The Mighty Powers of Meditation, Pt 1 ]

Science has shown that mindfulness meditation can affect gene expression, which means that not only your body changes, but your potential for illness such as diabetes, heart-attack and dementia are lessened, too!

Curious to learn more? Just check what Meditation can do for the Body, Mind and Spirit (courtesy of The Huffington Post):

What Meditation Can Do For Your Mind, Body And Spirit (Huffington Post)
Click to Read all the benefits of Meditation at the Huffington Post…

[ The Mighty Powers of Meditation, Pt 2 ]

Emma Seppala, PhD also blogs about the 20 benefits of Meditation.

She even goes over some Myths about Meditation and helps you breakthrough the “I can’t meditate” mentality:

Click to Read More from Emma Seppala
Click to Read More from Emma Seppala

[ Still Need More Motivation To Meditate? ]

Alright, so you’ve come to a place where you’re saying, “Geez, I guess meditation couldn’t hurt!”  Great!  Let’s get started!

Try out the Headspace App program ( Free for the first 10 days ):

Or maybe you’re still on the fence?

Here are 10 Science-Based Reasons to Start Meditating Today!

Click to view Emma Seppala’s website!

The Takeaway

Meditation can change your life in so many ways.  And you don’t need to sit for hours, wearing a white robe.

You can be yourself!

…A woman


…An elder

Meditation Reduces Loneliness, Boosts Immune System In Seniors (Huffington Post)
Meditation Reduces Loneliness, Boosts Immune System In Seniors (Huffington Post)

…And You can even be a punk rocker, tatooed meditation advocate:


As a youth, Levine was incarcerated several times. His first book, Dharma Punx, details teenage years filled with drugs, violence, and multiple suicide attempts—choices fuelled by disillusionment with American mainstream culture. His substance abuse started early in life—at age six he began smoking marijuana—and finally ended in a padded detoxification cell in juvenile prison 11 years later. It was in this cell where he hit “an emotional rock bottom” and began his vipassana practice “out of a place of extreme drug addiction and violence” While incarcerated, he saw for the first time how the practice his father taught him gave him the tools to relieve the fear and uncertainty that pervaded his life.

One notable aspect of Buddhist Dharma is the path of our choices, the actions past and present and the intention for future action (Buddhist Law of Karma). Levine’s past—addiction, incarceration, violence, initial rejection of Buddhism and meditation—are all defining characteristics of his writings and teachings. “We all sort of have a different doorway to dharma or spiritual practice. Suffering is a doorway. For me it was the suffering of addiction, violence and crime which opened me at a young age, 17 years old. I was incarcerated, looking at the rest of my life in prison and thought, ‘Maybe I will try dad’s hippie meditation bullshit.’ Suffering opened me to the possibility of trying meditation.”

He currently leads Dharma and vipassana meditation retreats and workshops across the United States and teaches weekly meditation classes in Los Angeles. A member of the Prison Dharma Network, Levine works with juvenile and adult prison inmates, combining meditation techniques with psychotherapy. He “explores how they can have a deeper understanding of what has happened and what they need to do in order to be free, on many levels—free from prison, free from the trauma of the past.”

He has helped found several groups and projects including the Mind Body Awareness Project, a non-profit organization that serves incarcerated youths. Introducing them to the Buddha’s teachings. He lists the 14th Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ram Dass, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Norman Fischer, and Sylvia Boorstein as his teachers.

Noah Levine –

Are you ready to change your body, mind and soul? 🙂

Please Comment Below and Share this Blog Post!

PS: Stay tuned next week for part 2 of my series of meditation. We’ll dive into the types of meditation…

Till then, be kind to your SELF!

To your Success,


Tera Greene
The Life REmix Expert
inspiring success in life and business!

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5 Steps To Boost Engagement With Your Visual Content [ Infographic + Templates ]

[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 4Feb2015 ~ 5 Steps To Boost Engagement With Your Visual Content [ Infographic + Templates ]


Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
and into the weekend!

Have you been trying to hack your way into being a social media guru… only to find out you are lost and overwhelmed with where to begin?

Say goodbye to being lost and overwhelmed, once and for all! 

Below you’ll find a great way to stay inspired for your social marketing success.

If you like simple tips and tools to stay inspired, please click here to download my newest Free Report that Reveals… The 5 (Super Cheap) Tools I Use To Stay Inspired For Success (Hint: The Best One Is Free)”.


The Takeaway

Social marketing shouldn’t be hard.  With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily take your marketing to the next level.

Comment Below

What step will you take action on today? Feel free to comment below!

To your Success,
Tera Greene, The Life REmix Expert

Tera Greene
The Life REmix Expert
inspiring success in life and business!

Download F.ree Report Reveals… The 5 (Super Cheap) Tools I Use To Stay Inspired For Success (Hint: The Best One Is Free)”

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Learn the 6 Secret Elements That Can Boost Your Lead Generation and Sales When Doing an Automated Webinar


If you’ve been in the marketing world for anytime you probably have heard about automated webinars right?

Well I can guarantee that you’ve not had this much of a detailed explanation of what and how to best set them up!


Click to get Free Instant Access!

In this free video series Casey Zeman, founder of EasyWebinar, shares 6 secret elements that can boost your lead generation and sales when doing an automated webinar.

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To your success!

PS: When you watch the training that my mentor Casey is sharing, let me know your thoughts!


Tera Greene
The Life REmix Expert
…inspiring success in life and business!

Teach.Engage.Automate.Profit with EasyWebinar 4.0!

Automation is key to any business

Automation is key to any business

Automation is the lifeblood of lead generation online. But what if I could tell you that you could automate your engagement


Yep, there is a secret sauce for making THE BEST SELLING SYSTEM completely AUTOMATED, yet still have a high level of engagement and trust building which increases lead generation and sales by 200%.

Free Download and Video: “6 keys to an automated funnel

In this training video, Founder of EasyWebinar and Live Video and Automated Webinar expert Casey Zeman shares the MOST important aspects of an automated webinar to increase conversions, lead generation and of course profits.

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He also highlights some folks using Automated Webinars right now to profit every single day on… auto-pilot.

Using the power of automated traffic to send to an automated webinar.

And one case study reveals a 166% ROI on a real life working automated webinar funnel!

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This is THE most comprehensive explanation of the best things to do during an automated webinar/event.

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Discover Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of How You Can Easily use Webinars to Build Your Following and Finally Make Money Online

Discover Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of How You Can Easily use Webinars to Build Your Following and Finally Make Money Onlineew-vid1-landing2foraff
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If you are a Consultant, Marketer, Teacher, Author, Expert, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Health Coach, Life Coach or Wellness Professional, then Read Below!

One of my mentors, Casey Zeman, is hosting a Free training video series right now and it is full of great, easy to use (and crucial) steps to help you:

  • Bring in the highest earning per individual lead source around,
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In the video series, Casey, will teach you the 6 Free Crucial Steps That Can Make Your Webinars/Events Profitable (even if it’s your very first one!). Plus, Casey is a best-selling author and he’s even giving away an awesome report/workbook for your success!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 5.21.12 PM
Click to download your report and get access to your FREE video series

 Oh, by the way, I’ll be launching my first webinar using Casey’s mentoring in the next couple of days and I’m super excited!  I can’t wait to see results like this from another fellow mentee:


Cory’s Earnings Per Attendee were great, his attendance could be better… but for a first go, really awesome! The best part is that in the Free Training Video, Casey Zeman will touch on all these aspects to help you have a clear blueprint for your success as a Webinar-er.

So, with that said, I’ve gotta go work on my first presentation so I can launch it. In the meanwhile, click here to Discover Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of How You Can Easily use Webinars to Build Your Following and Finally Make Money Online!

The #1 Best Way to Make Money and Save Time (hands down)

‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 14Jan2015 ~ The #1 Best Way to Make Money and Save Time (hands down)


Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
and into the weekend!

Are you a consultant, coach, author, creator, or marketer?

If so, you are at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.

Trust me, if you haven’t heard about Easywebinar, then by all means, click here now.

Because, in a couple of weeks, you’ll wish you did!

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Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!



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[ ‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 10Dec2014 ~ 5 Super Tips to Create a Stress-Free Holiday

‪#‎GentleNudge‬ ] 10Dec2014 ~ 5 Super Tips to Create a Stress-Free Holiday


Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
and into the weekend!

[ A Recap ]

I often send out emails asking what my clients and audience would like to read about.  I feel there is VALUE in writing, and POWER in writing that speaks to the solving of everyday problems that the motivated people and Entrepreneurs I work with have.

Recently, a client inquired about “How to move away from the stress of NOT Having enough”, essentially in order to have an abundant and exciting business as an Entrepreneur.  Here’s the response I posted.

I received another ask to blog about “how to relax when I just make what I need and not more”. My client went on to ask a few other things, and I responded in a post entitled, “The Top 3 Wrong Ways To Create The Life You Want: A Story In Images”.

Since the holidays are here, today’s Gentle Nudge is about Stress Management.

[ 5 Super Tips ]

It is no surprise that the holidays are here.  That means you are probably being pulled in all directions, and on the inside, you are screaming like a frantic bird.  I’m here to help you lose the overwhelm so you can start to have more joy during these times. It is my sincerest hope that one (or more) of these tips will help you; not just for the holidays, but for managing your stress, in general!

  1. Start Earlier

    I got an email earlier this year from a mentor who had this brilliant, out-of-the-box idea for managing your time, especially around the holidays.  The tip? Start Earlier!

    Think about how much time (and how less stress) you’d have by simply sending out your holiday cards and gifts in June versus in late-November.  With places like Amazon, for example, you can literally send E-GiftCards that can be used any time and for gifts your family and friends will truly enjoy (because they get to choose them).

    So, next year, start earlier! By this time next year, you’ll wish you did! Aside, aren’t the holidays seemingly starting earlier anyway?

  2. There’s Only One Step

    Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.28.35 PMThe other day, this amazing two minute video was posted on my Facebook page.  In it, Oprah chats about a simple principle: At any given time, there’s only one step.  So, instead of being overwhelmed with all the things you have to get done this holiday season, focus on the one thing that you can get done now, then the next, and then the next… Which brings me to #3:

  3. Breathe

    I’ve been doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and what I’ve learned in my 19 days is that yoga is not about poses and being flexible, contrary to popular belief.  In fact, Yoga is about tapping into the power of your breath; for in the breathing comes the ability to handle anything that comes your way. So does, #4:

  4. Delegate

    3 Smart Strategies to Create More Time In Your Day
    Stop. Ask for help!

    In my popular Gentle Nudge 3 Smart Strategies To Create More Time In Your Day, I outline the importance of learning to delegate and the reason why. If you were to only master this one tip, you’d truly become more relaxed this holiday and in your daily life. By the same token, you can reduce overwhelm by learning to

  5. Say NO

    protest-464616_1920At the end of the day, you only have 24 hours. You can do everything, and you will feel exhausted, resentful and not happy in the process.  Find ways to be more generous to yourself. Start by remembering that you always have the power to say no if you feel overwhelmed.  Say yes to a stress-free holiday by kindly, respectfully saying NO.

[ Question For You ]

What is one insight, appreciation or Aha you are taking away from this post?
Would you add any other Super Tips to the List?

Please comment below!

‪#‎humpday‬ ‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎motivation‬
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Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!


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Are you a Motivated Entrepreneur?
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