“I’m gunna make you an offer you can’t refuse”…

“You can’t be serious?!”

That was the first thing I thought when I

heard that my mentors, Omar and Melinda Martin,

were launching Affiliate Builder for only $9.95.

Because first of all, they are 7-figure business

owners, and their training and coaching alone

costs WAY more than $9.95.

And with Affiliate Builder, they’re not only

providing stellar training, they are also

providing a PREMIUM WordPress plugin

that will help you attract affiliates, and make

MONEY on autopilot.

Click here to check out Affiliate Builder before the timer runs out


I’ve been building my business with

the guidance of Omar and Melinda and

one thing I’ve learned is this (and I quote),

“It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or
what type of product you are going to sell.

The bottom line is this…

If you have affiliates sending you traffic
you will make A LOT of money.

If you don’t… then you will struggle.”

And guess what?

My motto is

“I Inspire success in life and business”.

And you shouldn’t have to struggle.

SO, on top of this crazy deal, I’m throwing

in a Bonus well over $3300, which includes

private coaching from me, done for you website

building and more…

I’m putting the final touches on my bonuses,

but click here to get a sneak peak now.

Don’t put this off.

(You’ll be glad you did!)



P.S. The price doubles in just over 48 hours
so you need to go and watch the video ASAP
or you’ll miss out.  Here’s your link.


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