Empower Yourself With This 3-Word Phrase

#GentleNudge 22Oct2014:
Empower Yourself With This 3-Word Phrase

Here’s Your Weekly Wednesday #‎GentleNudge To Get You Over The Hump…
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[ You Do Know Yourself ]

You have more power within you than you give yourself credit for.
To fully tap into this power, start with “I Don’t Know”.

Hint: How you use this phrase can either empower you or diminish your capacity, just the same.

[ The Positive Side of “I Don’t Know” ]

“I Don’t Know” can be a very positive statement to empower you and move you forward.

For instance, would you rather work with someone who pretended to know it all, or someone who was willing to say, “I don’t know” AND help you uncover the answer via reaching out to personal connections or more research?

Personally, I would rather work with the latter of the two.

When you say you don’t know and are willing to find the answer by asking a trusted expert or through additional research, some of the benefits are:

  • strengthened connections which lead to a deeper sense of belonging,
  • gained knowledge and increased brain function,
  • gained respect from peers for being authentic vs blowing smoke up the bum, and
  • being seen as more valuable, and therefore more worthy of higher pay, for example.

What? Being seen as more valuable? Yes, when you become good at being a problem solver for others, you indeed are seen more valuable than if you either just said “I Don’t Know” flatly or said you did know and were later called out on your bluff.

I’m an obsessive-compulsive researcher.  It is in my nature to make things happen.  My father was a rocket scientist, so to figure out a problem is in my DNA; because I am a care-giver, intuitive type, it is also in my DNA to help solve problems for others, as well.

I use “I Don’t Know” to empower myself and others.

[ The Negative Side of “I Don’t Know” ]


With just the 4 benefits I’ve already listed for using “I Don’t Know”, you’d think there couldn’t possibly be a negative side of the statement.

OK, there really isn’t a negative side, you’re right. 

But there is a diminishing effect of using “I Don’t Know”.

For instance, when I work with my clients in my health coaching practice, I ask a lot of questions to help them dig deep and uncover the root of their problems so that we can work together on solutions to overcome them.  Many times, I hear, “I Don’t Know” to some of the questions, with a complete resolution in the comfort of their answer.

What that says to me: “I’m not ready to move forward because I don’t feel empowered.”  Why? Because my clients have often spent so much time saying “I Don’t Know”, that even if the answer were staring them in the face, they’d not have an answer for fear of being “wrong”, simply because they have been stripped of their power for so long.

[ Reframe “I Don’t Know” ]

So, to move them forward, I’ll usually ask something like, “If you did know, what would you do/say/think about the situation?”

That allows space to focus on coming from a place of empowerment, which will ultimately lead to a more expansive capacity for knowing more than you think you don’t know.

Remember what I said in the beginning of this post?

How will you use “I Don’t Know” as more of an empowered statement to foster growth in your personal and professional life?

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!

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